Corsa problem.



Hello All.
My son has just got his car back after some front end damage repairs. (You know, bonnet, rad etc :evil: new drivers eh !!!!!!)

He drove it a few times over the weekend, but when he tried to start it Monday morning, it was as dead as a doornail :eek:. His grandfather took the battery away and charged it overnight, replacing it this morning.
Still no joy... not even a click, and no dash lights at all ???
I don't usually delve under the big 'flap' on cars :oops: , but am about to go and have a look. I will check the battery, but wondered if anyone could give me any 'pointers' please ?
N reg Corsa.
Many thanks

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The battery was as flat as pancake, so jump started the car, no probs.
Took it for a drive, came back. The car then started up first time etc.

Left the car and returned 3 hours later. The dash lights are very dim and not enough charge to turn her over !

I think maybe 'something' is draining the battery whilst the car is 'off'.

Any help in where I should start looking ?

Many thanks in advice.

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i would say its the battery too. if it is'nt a sealed battery, take the caps off the top and check the water levels, and top up if need be. would also be good to get your hands on a multi-meter or a volt-meter just to make sure the alternator is charging the battery properly. should measure about 13.5V - 14.5V when running
Mauybe there's an internal short circuit in the battery, particularly if it's been 'well shaken'
Thank you all for the replies.
New battery and all sound.

On a sidenote I connected the jump leads incorrectly :oops: , putting the negative lead to each negative terminal on the batteries, I understand that from my negative I should have connected it to the chassis of the 'other' car :eek: . There was one hell of a 'splash' and a horrid rotten egg smell :LOL: ??.
I will not be doing any more work on motor cars.

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