covering gap.. pipe under lintel

18 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have a soil pipe under a lintel. The regs. Say use rigid sheet plastic around the pipe to seal entry from vermin. Would PVC be ok..The white type used for roof fascia or even the hollow one used for the soffit area?

1. So it would be.. Expanding foam around the pipe through the cavity and then seal with plastic and builders silicone. Screws if necessary.

2. The pipe goes through the hardcore layer of the floor. Could anyone recommend a solution to protect it?

I'm thinking..shuttering along the pipe then hardcore to 50mm above height of pipe, remove shuttering fill remaining pipe area with pea shingle, 50mm on top. Then slab, blind etc. Should i protect the pipe with insulation and mesh around it? I have yet to speak to BC. many thanks.

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