Coxial Wall Socket Problems

20 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, just moved into a new flat and it has a coaxial cable coming in through the wall from the aerial. I'm trying to wire it to a wall mounted socket instead of having loose wire. Thing is, when I wire it up I get a bad signal. If I revert back and put the original plug on the end of the wire and plug in to my TV, the signal is good again. So I must be doing something wrong with the wall socket. There is a screw for the centre piece of the coaxial cable to go and then a bracket to secure the wire. There is an exposed area of copper or something under the bracket that I think needs to make contact with the outer wiring of the coaxial cable and I have made these two touch each other when screwed in. Am I doing something wrong? It shouldn't be this trickey should it!!
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It could be for a number of reasons

1. Cable badly terminated in the socket, although from what you said, it sounds like you have done the right thing.

2. Bad lead between socket and TV

3. Cheap socket

To expand on number 1, make sure the center core and the outer wires do not short.

The centre core should be screwed in tight to the terminal

The outer strands be around the plastic insulator and be making good contact with the bracket.
BigJim said:
...a bracket to secure the wire.
Do you mean secure the sheath of the cable?

Whatever you did mean, it should be possible to work out how to keep the core and the braided shield apart from each other.

If you've done this and still have a problem, then you have a faulty outlet.
could also be you bought the wrong socket and got an FM outlet instead.. these are made to filter out some of the TV sinal to get a better FM radio signal...

or if it's a twin outlet then one might be FM.. try the other hole..
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Don't use a wall plate unless you really like Tetris.

They reduce signal strength and signal quality

best thnig to do if you really want to terminate into a wall box is buy a blank outlet plate and drill a hole in the middle to except a surface mount f coupler connector or simliar and connect to back of that ,this way you do not get a break in the outer shaeth covering the inner core this is the screening to prevent interference

buy fiiting into your plate you have brought you have folded the screen back from the inner core ,this then exposed inner core acts as an aerial

if you want to use a pre done box then From experience a cheap one, as prevously stated is no good. Look for good quailty fully sheilded on the rear.try some one like cpc

p.s i do hope your not using cheap brown 10pence coax ,please use good double screen stuff like ct100

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