CPX GardTec Eurosec Second Keypad 3 core wiring

24 Sep 2016
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United Kingdom

I currently have a cpx gardtec alarm which works perfectly. The only thing is that my keypad is downstairs and I would like another upstairs. I have a cable from the alarm pcb to the upstairs hallway but is only has 3 cores, I know I need 4. Is there a way to get the this working. Even if I have a local plug upstairs which gives 12 volts that will be fine however how do I wire l this up? I believe I have a cpx control panel. Many thanks.
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3 cores ! What cable is that ? You could try a power supply and common the 0v in the rkp , but then it will probably need a battery back up or it will cause tamper issues in mains fail , is there a detector on the landing ?
Its a long story but I only have 3 cores from alarm main box to point A and then from point A to point B (Point B is the first floor landing) I have 4 cores. So in location point A I can add a 12 volt supply and a back up battery if required. Can anyone provide links of what I need for the power supply and what cables I need to plug where.

I have the following
12v does this go to a 12v dc Mains supply. Not sure how many amps I can use, I am guessing 1 amp.
0v does this go to a 12v dc Mains Supply.
D1 goes to D1 to the alarm panel
D2 goes to D2 to the alarm panel

then have a 680 ohm resister from 12v to D1. I have this currently on my current alarm keypad.

I have a battery spare but not sure how to use this as a backup.

If the above is wrong please ignore my ignorance as I am a bit of a novice.
Is point A your existing keypad ?
Does a cable go from your existing keypad to your landing ?
As Sparky says have you got a detector on the landing and how many cores are in the cable to the landing ?
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ok so I have a keypad on the ground floor. There is a 8 core cable (I Think however only 4 in use) from the Keypad ground floor to the alarm main box. Then from the alarm main box I have a 3 core cable going from the alarm main box to point A. Then from point A I have a 3 core cable going to the first floor landing where I would like the second keypad.

So Basically I have 3 cores going from the alarm box to the second keypad on the first floor.
I can pug in
12v goes to the alarm panel
0v I don't have a cable gong to the alarm main box but I do have a cable which goes to point A.
D1 goes to D1 to the alarm panel
D2 goes to D2 to the alarm panel

I have attached a photo to make is easier to understand, please excuse the poor drawing.


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What is point A ?
Alarm cable comes in. 4core,6core,8core
Why have got 3 core,and 5 core?
Are these spare cores within existing alarm cable ?
these cables are just spare cables, they are not alarm cables they are spare power cables. Point A is just where the cables meet.
You should NOT use power cables to connect to low voltage (12 volt) as this is dangerous if someone connects main voltage to these cables A it will blow your control panel up,B could kill someone by electrocution ?
This is not recommended and this thread should stop here.
these power cable are not connected to anything so its not dangerous.

However you guys have given me new hope. I do have a sensor near the first floor landing and has 4 cables free so do just split the out going from the main alarm box?

12v goes to both keypads
0v goes to both keypads
D1 goes to both keypads
D2 goes to both keypads

then have a 680 ohm resister from 12v to D1 on both keypads or is it 1 keypad?

Also how do I add the second control panel on to the alarm system. I already know how to get into the eng mode.

Many Thanks.

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