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16 Sep 2021
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United Kingdom
Anyone into cryptic crosswords?
How about a game where a cryptic clue is presented, but there are no predetermined limits like number of letters or previously filled in letters.

So it'll go something like "Careless slide into brick carrier (8)"
Careless for the overall meaning of the answer, which is made up of slides=slips+ brick carrier=hod and the 'into' suggests joining the two together which gives "slipshod".

Pretty much run of the mill for the average cryptic crossword addict.
First to solve the clue provides the next one.

So to start:
Provide drink on shortened laminated board (6)
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I guess there are no cryptic crossword addicts around here.
But just in case, a couple of little clues.
Provide, drink on shortened laminated board. (6)

drink can be a verb as well as a noun.
Correct. Award yourself a gold star.
Drink=sup and shortened word for laminated board = ply(wood).
Giving a word for 'provide'.
Your go.
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Oh well, without a number of letters, any answer could be correct:
See how this one goes down:
Sounds like right-wing poster on DIYnot meets fictitious greedy pal to delay the process. (10)
Sorry, I don't think my clue was correct, I was in a rush. I could have been more precise with the 'buster' bit.
But you got it anyway.
A member of the royal family who consistently plays (golf) off scratch, so long as he can find somewhere to leave his car (7)

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