Curse of the salamander part 2

28 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone, i an now on my second Salamander pump, which has only lasted 14 months before failing. I do intend on handing it back to Salamander as this is the second pump that has let go (previous one lasted 5 years). Before I can send the current one back I wanted to get your opinion on what punp to get to replace the Salamander. The complexity i have is that the loft based system I have in place has little Gravity to get the pump going, see attached crude doodle from my phone. I have tried a friends spare Stuart Turner pump but it wouldn't kick in.

Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement for the Salamander I have? It was a RSP75. Worked fine with this set up but don't want to buy this brand any more due to reliability

Thanks in advance

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There used to be a bloke on here whos user name was kevsalamander and he works for them and was extremely helpfull unfortunately havent seen him on for a while but try sending him a message via the e-mail section in contact and Im sure if he gets your message he will be able to sort you out
Based on that drawing I'd expect salamander will say it isn't installed correctly with enough head.
I haven't seen the instructions for this pump it's just a guess
You need to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation, regardless of brand. They're there for a reason; failure to adhere to them will result in premature pump failure and no warranty cover
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Guys, thanks but probably not been clear in what i am asking for.

I want to have a new pump fitted but NOT a Salamander. As i said the last 2 have failed. Both fitted by qualified plumbers as per instructions FYI.

Can anyone recommend a suitable pump that would do the job ?
What was the pump installed for? A shower?

Also, if you are asking questions and want an answer, don't leave it half a month to answer peoples posts.

What height difference is there from the tank to the pump?

Are you sure it has been installed with enough head?

Have you read the installation instructions to ensure the pump has been fitted correctly.

I had a salamander pump fitted a few years back, and it lasted for year, then again, I know I followed the MI.

I suggest you could find many pumps that are suitable, but if you fit it incorrectly, you will have the same issue.
We have not been told the type of pump or the failure mode.

For a new pump to fail so quickly we naturally expect that there is an installation fault due to the lack of head of the inlet running dry.

A photo of the pump and loft layout would help a lot!

I left a trainee to meet an installer who had fitted a heating pump wrongly. The installer replied that he had been fitting pumps like that for 20 years.

The trainee ( being well qualified with an MSc ) quickly replied that he had been fitting them wrongly for 20 years then!

Right to clarify, firstly TeaTime i posted on 4th, 12 days ago. I have been away with the family. It was half term last week! Sorry I didn't repond sooner but life gets in the way of forums sometimes.

The pump was a Salamander RSP75

Running a sink, shower and bath.

It has failed around the plastic casing and where it joins the body of the pump also. Mainly drips, but consistent enough. I've read really bad reviews on these pumps since, they sound very fragile so won't be buying again.

Height from tank base to top of pump about 40cm I guess.

I'm not a plumber so not sure what you mean by head height?

As far as I can tell the pump is installed correctly but then I've taken the plumbers word for it so who knows.

I just wanted some recommendations on a suitable pump to replace the knackered one.

I will take a pic ASAP so you can see for yourselves.

Cheers all
The Salamander RSP75 is designed for showers ONLY. It is not designed to be be used for taps etc.

If you run that pump with one side closed ie. you're just running say the cold tap the water in the closed end with just get churned up by the impeller. The kinetic energy will heat the water and the pressure can pop the seals....hence leaks.

To run taps and showers you need normally need something like the RHP series.

However, if the head is too low you will need a negative head pump eg. ESP 50 CPV.

If you go with Stuart Turner you must also ensure the pump is capable of pumping with one end close and check the minimum head requirements.

Is that cylinder on it's side? If so there will be a whole host of other issues to ensure an air free water supply etc.
Sorry I didn't repond sooner but life gets in the way of forums sometimes.

Running a sink, shower and bath.

As far as I can tell the pump is installed correctly but then I've taken the plumbers word for it so who knows.

Cheers all

Thanks for the sarcasm, but, I was just trying to point out that if you ask a question but aren't around to answer back, people will lose interest in your problem.... perhaps I could have gone about it a different way. Life gets in the way of forums... lol.

Again, your pump has been installed incorrectly, so, likely there was nothing wrong with the pump anyway.

You need to look at your whole arrangement and see exactly what pump you need. Talk to the manufacturers on the phone and describe your system to them. They will also help you to understand your system better I suspect.
I try not to get involved with shower pumps because they seem so unreliable ( except older Stuart Turner brass bodied ones ).

However, I had always expected that there should always be at least 1m for the supply tank above. But always subject to the makers instructions of course.

Also care needs to be taken that the tank never runs dry as often occurs when the water is taken out faster than it can refill.

Back from the tea break. Thanks guys il get a plumber in for feedback and take it from there

If in doubt, stick a plug in it

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