cut out renault megane s reg

11 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
my renault megane s reg has just suddenly cut out whilst driving,it shuddered a couple of times first then will not start now and it has got petrol.

any help guys?
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Could be a variety of things....
In first instance check that fuel is actually getting to carb (broken fuel pump or blocked fuel line)
Next have you got a spark at plugs? Pull off one lead and if contact recessed insert bolt so that end protrudes and hold with insulated pliers about 1/2 inch from block whilst someone else tries starter motor. If spark then fault elsewhere, if not do same with lead that goes into distributor centre (on top left hand side of engine) if spark there but not at leads then rotor arm (inside distributor) faulty. If no spark than coil at fault.
If you have spark and fuel then does engine turn over quicker than usual? If so timing belt has broken and will need replacing. Good news is that you won't have any valve damage!
Hope this helps.... :LOL:
thnx strevs,turns out it was the coil and module.cost 200 plus vat does that sound right?

cheers again mate.
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