10 Aug 2016
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United Kingdom
hi i have the above mentioned fridge/freezer american style,
have had a problem with it ive tried to fix by elimination.

the problem is that it does not cool down, compressor will come on and off after manual reset( turn on and off at wall) i have cleaned the compressor and fan area at the rear this did not help, and was not blocked either. all pipe work looks good. water overflow not blocked.

I've then taken the back of the freezer off as i noticed the fan was not turning like it used to. after a manual reset i've disconnected the fan and the unit has stayed on and not cut out... so i ordered an new fan which has come today.. plugged all back together, compressor came on, fan can on in freezer then the unit turned off again.... when this happens the temp setting lights in fridge compartment go out, but internal lights stay on so theres power getting to the unit... thats not in question.. with both fan motors it cuts out after 1 to 2 minutes of compressor on with internal freezer fan working.i canhear the fridge fan works all the time as supposed to, but obviously not after unit locks out with freezer fan attached....
i have also observed ontop of the unit the circuit board, which gives a loud click on it failing... i have had a little look and i can hear an audible difference in tone from a capacitor ( black 25v 2200uf capacitor) and also recieved a small shock from it when poking around, which ive never got a shock from a capacitor before....? could it be shorting out ? is it related to the fan opperation?

I have at the minute got the fridge and freezer working without the assistance of the freezer motor. temps fluctuate alot but is useable until i get the unit fixed.

to me i think the extra pull of 13v for the motor is tripping it out some how,

if any one has a sure fire fix, or recommendation or further processes of elimination i would be truly thankful..

i eagerly await a response .
kind regards
is it a new board required?
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forgot to mention there is no excessive build up of ice in or around the condenser in back of unit.
I can't say that it is a sure fire fix but it sounds like perhaps the thermostat is faulty.
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why would the thermostat make the unit trip out...? at what point does the thermostat take effect? the unit will stay on from reset until about a minute after the compressor kicks in. and if it is the thermostat why does the fan fail to turn in the freezer compartment but work fine in the fridge, although fed from the same wiring. why was a component on the board 'live' to the touch....
the more i think about it, it points toward a failed component.. ive found a 'new' board for 79.99 so will take a punt on it...

but for now, where is the thermostat to test it.?

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