Decking advice please

Build your frame first in the position that you want it, then using old flags/bricks or concrete
blocks level the frame to your position.
I would add two rows of noggins in a deck that large.
buy a dozen post spikes 3x3" and some lengths of treated posts.
If you are putting a rail on the high side then use the spikes and posts
to support the deck as well as the rail, you can put a string line across the posts
at the end to level the rail.
lay all you decking loose over the frame so you can walk on it to see if there is any bounce
in the deck and if so add another column of blocks were necessary.
when laying the blocks or flags you will have to scrape the ground level first.
I would fix the decking to the pool using 100mm expanding frame anchors.
The more columns you put in the less likely it is to subside, and if the ground is
soft then compact it first.
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Think i need to start the work because thinking about it is confusing me even more!

If i install 4 beams (x2 2x6 joists) attached to either side of posts (20 posts in total) for a 6x5.4m area - would i need joists on top if I add noggins and 'feet' where required.

Space between post will be 1.5m and 1.8m
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If you want to but beams under your joist say 6x3" then you can support your joists
of those, it should make it a bit easier to level up
If you go down that route then you could build the frame out of treated 4x2"
How does this look (picture not to scale!):


6x2 Joists (4.8m)
4x4 Posts (8ft)
5.4m Deck 32x125 (grooved only on one side). Does the groove go up or down

EDIT - Noggin should be at 1.0m and not 0.68m. I could add further support at 0.68 if required though?
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Your blue beams ie. principal supports are fine.
Your yellow joists need to spaced at 16" centres or there abouts.
If you want to put noggins in then thats up to you, but if you are
going to to screw / skew nail every joist into the blue beams then I think
I would just put one row down the middle.
As for your decking boards I would put them groove up for grip.
I can only get hold of 4.8m 6x2.

This is ok for joists as i can sister them on top of the beams, however i need length of 5.4m for beams. What is the best method of extending a beam? To clarify i require the beam length to be 5.4m, the twin joist i intend to use are 4.8m.

I could bolt the extended beam on to the same post as the previous beam post however this will mean 4 bolts into a 4x4.
I would try a proper timber merchants if you can't get timber over 4.8m ?
For your 6x2 double them up for the length you need and bolt them together
and see if you can use dog toothed washers.
Truss clips and High Wind ties are what i believe i can use to secure joists on top of the beams.

I will have effectively 4 layers:

I require my deck boards to be level with the surface of the pool wall. Figures add up to:
Deck - 32mm
Joist - 152.4mm (6")
Beam - 152.4mm (6")

Total of - 336.8mm / 13.26"

Question is what is the best method to work out where to attach my beams to my posts (so that i get my desired finish of deck flush with the pool wall). Remember the area i am working on is sloped.
a tape measure? or maybe i didn't understand the question

If you haven't ordered your deck yet, i'd look at double sided as you really need the grooves down for ventilation. Having said that i laid a deck groove up (wrong) and its lasted nearly 20 years
I have seen deck which has grooves one side and smooth the other, my plan was to use that and have the smooth side up (think it looks better that way anyway).
I would buy some rough saw 2x2" and cut them up in 9" lengths
instead of using those brackets.
What method should i be using to attach my beams to my post?

4x4 Post
x2 6x2 joists bolted together to form beam.

Should the joists be attached to the side of the post using coach bolts - M12 Galvanised 220mm
Should i use a type of bracket and 'sit' the beam in - something like this:

That is rather expensive at £10 a cap ... will need 16!
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