Decking advice please

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Those bolts look ok but I would use dog toothed washers as well
twist nails normally for joist brackets.
buy 3kg of 5" galv nails to knock the frame together.
Good evening,

is it best practice to nail the frame together? or screw? I have purchased 5" nails and twisty nails for the joists.
My deck boards are 32mm thick, any particular screws i require for those?
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So this is where i am currently at (only get to work on it an hour or so every other day)

Firstly, am i doing things correctly? :D

The deck frame is 6.0m x 5.4m
5.4m width so if i run joists spaced at 900ml apart will that be ok? That will be 2 josts in between 2 posts, would i need to nog?

A few of my joists (not installed yet) have a very bad twist/warp ... why would this happen? didn't check them when they were delivered but they are really bad that i will have to get them replaced.


they were probably stacked badly when wet. If you can pull the warp out when screwing them in. i wouldn't worry.

looks ok so far.
Could you please offer some advice on how many joists i should be using? What intervals should they be placed at?
900 is on the upper limit of ok. noggins will help. but the boards themselves will keep it stiff too.

which way are you running your boards. that will partly determine the frequency of joists needed.
The deck boards will run straight down the pool side wall (same direction as the beams/bearers). If you look at the first recent pic i posted above i have placed down a deck board on the frame (just next to the small blue chair).

The 6x2 joists will run the other direction at 6m (joists are also 6m).

Deck boards are:
32mm Thick
125mm Wide
5.4m Length

I worked it out that if i run 6 joists there would be a approx. space of about 770mm in between.
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:D Guess that answers my question.

Next question(s).

I will want to have rails running on 3 sides of the deck (will create something later for the pool side).
Approx length of rails will be 17m.

Should 4x4 or 3x3 posts be used?
Balustrade kits seem pretty expensive, is there a DIY i could possible do using 2x2s?
In an ideal world your posts could have doubled up as the uprights. Another option may be to use rope?
Will have kids around so not too sure about rope. I like the look of the steel tensioned cables, might look into that further.

A quick question;
Joist hangers - looking on screwfix, toolstation etc there seems to be different type. Which one do i exactly need for my 6x2's ? The ones i have found are 'universal' where the excess off the top can be wraped over. Would this not create an uneven surface for the deck boards to lay on though?

These are the ones:
personally I'd just put 2-3 decent size screws end on to join them and screw them to any uprights for additional strength

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