Decking complaint (threads merged)

More bullying tactics from planning enforcement to housing association
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If I were you (and I may be foolish) I'd be writing to Planning, openly copied to your HA, stating that you think they are wrong and that they should, if they believe otherwise, commence enforcement action so you can appeal and get a judgement from the Planning Inspectorate, which will provide a clear and unequivocal decision and a legal standing for the council/HA to take any necessary action.

You don't want a situation where a jobsworth at the HA is intimated into telling you to get rid just to get it off their desk.
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Had a call Friday from the planning department they are sending a different enforcement planning officer to take a second look and see if it will be worth pursuing.
(Obviously the original planning officer who tried to get the housing association to do his job didn't work and the ha said it was ok)
Also notified that when the housing association came to visit he declined to attend.
I will be asking to either start the enforcement notice procedure or send me a letter confirming no action will be taken as it conforms to as originally stated permitted development.
They sending a second enforcement officer to me next week to look at it again ?
Not.sending the original guy?
Update ..
The council planning enforcement department are sending another officer to it again to see if it's worth pursuing. Now that the bully tactics of informing the housing association did not work.
This guy seems to have a vendetta against you dicky, well done for standing your ground. I'd definitely make a complaint against that civil servant after it's sorted
Another planning enforcement officer attended to day to look again at the decking ?
Will let you know the outcome
Update and today
This letter is to the housing association

Hi #######
How are you?
As you will know ########### Senior Planning Enforcement Officer at ####### ######### Council visited us at 3pm on Tuesday with regards to the complaints about decking in our garden.
During this visit she measured / photographed the decking and spent some time in the garden as you did, having a good look at the area to ensure she had a full understanding of the situation and any potential concerns that the planning team had.
I have spoken to ######## over the phone today at 15:20, and she is satisfied and confident that we were correct to challenge #### #### her colleagues decision, and that NO planning permission is required for the decking in the garden, and they have no further concerns.
She also said that she has had fairly lengthy discussions with #### her colleague around how he has interpreted the planning legislation - however she said ####### does still remain adamant he is correct, but they are putting this down to a 'professional disagreement' (her words).
At the end of the phone call she confirmed that the council planning team will be closing this case, as no breach has occurred.
###### will be writing to the complainant to notify them of the outcome too.
I hope this settles the matter for you too. It would be really helpful if you could let us know in writing (email or letter) that you are satisfied, and have no further concerns regarding any of the complaints received about us.

Many thanks for all your time in these matters.
Update today
The council have dropped the threat of a enforcement notice today

Decking does not need pp it's permitted development
Now get that complaint in ......

With what objective? personally I would let sleeping dogs lie. You never know, you might need to contact planning again in the future. No point making enemies. Just savour the satisfaction of having won, and perhaps raise a glass to the neighbour when you see them...:LOL::LOL:
I will just play some.celebration songs from the summer house and open a bottle of prosecco and put a big green laminated A4 tick on the decking lol
We have got some.more building going on
So might keep quiet just hope that the same officer dosent come.out regards planning permission or building regulations in future as they may have a grudge

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