'Defensive' Plants

23 Feb 2005
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
HI board!

I'd like to plant some brambles or other spikey-nasty-mean plants along a boarder for security purposes. It is a piece of ground by a carpark about .5-1m wide and maybe 10m long and is backed by a fence.

What plant can i use that will grow but not take over the whole place in 2 months flat? I don't mind doing work to keep it back.

Cheers for any help you can give me!
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berberis is always a thorny favourite on ammenity landscaping for defensive planting and boy are they sharp.
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If you want something quick but manageable I would suggest Dog Rose. They are established quite quickly but can be chopped back when required, possibly a gap filler whilst the other recommendations are getting established.
These all sound like great options!

Where do i go and get these sorts of plants? I've been to loads of garden centres and i can't find anything like this - am i looking in the wrong place, should they be available in garden centres?

Is there a time of year i should be looking?
Hawthorn, although it takes a while to grow so plant it close together and in depth
And I don't believe you can be charged for possesion of an offensive hedge!
have a search on the internet, or even ebay. a lot of small nurserys use that as a cheap way of selling on the net. berberis is definetly the one. i hate removing it on jobs it always seems to get its revenge at some point

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