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25 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi All

I am currently getting my open plan kitchen/living room rewired.
The workers have done the wiring for the lights. They have left the wires hanging from the light sockets and wires where the light switches are. Which is fine.

I want a dimming system put in and will get specialists to do this. I will need a dimming rack which can support two panels. One for the living room and one for the kitchen.(they can run 6 circuits each which I need)

The way they have left the wires will that be easy enough for the work to commence when a specialist takes over? I think the dimming rack would be concealed in a cupboard, so I guess the wires should not of been cut near the light switches?Is that a major problem.

Was thinking about Lutron Grafikeye? If there are cheaper options just as good please let me know.

Please help as confused.

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A lot depends upon how you have told them to wire it, if they were made aware there was to be a dimmer rack somewhere and they took all cables back to that location then all good. However lutrons normally have a single supply and then outputs coming from them. If your sparks have wired it conventionally then this may cause problems as the feed may well be at the light via a junction box and not from the switch or dimmer rack position.

You need to know

1. How have your current electricians wired it.

2. which dimming system you are proposing to use

3. how the dimming system you want to use is wired

Every dimming system is different, without knowing what your going to use you cannot make any decisions on the wiring in the field. Make the decision first then your options will be made clear.

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Hi Nick

I want to use the Grafik eye system that seems to be good.
I suspect the wiring had been done conventionally.
The output wires from a Graffix Eye normally go direct to the lighting points.
They are of no use at the old switch point unless you alter the existing wiring there to a L + N supply to the light.
A data cable would go from the switch point to the graffix eye to allow the use of a wall controller.
From memory the wall controller allows about 16 scenes
Krishane, no offence, but you should have told your electricians what you wanted to start with. Not only that, you should have known what you wanted to start with! Its no good deciding on a system after all the wires are in place, then having to reconfigure the wiring!

If the electricians ahve used standard wiring, then most dimming "systems" wont be compatible. I hope you havent had the walls plastered yet. Decide on something then get the sparks back.

Better still, get the sparks back and tell them you want one cable to each lighting point, back to a "hub" point, and one cable to each switch the same. This will be compatible with any system.

Extending brand new wiring is rough. Very rough.

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