Disaster from builders leak!

29 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom

I posted up beginning of the year after advice regarding fitting 18mm solid oak floor whether a DPM was needed in a new build or not. With the cracking advice I received once again off the forum I proceeded with the help of Dazlight sourcing me the DPM.

The finish was fantastic, really impressed with it, so many people who have come into the house have been really impressed.

BUT, as with many new builds having teething problems, we had one involving one of the soil stacks. To cut a long long story short, all the soil stacks in the house are hidden with in the stud walls so no pipework on outside of property. One stack had a small blockage chunk of concrete stuck down there, the groundworkers tried rodding the pipe from man hole in driveway, the pipe enters a Y one wat to w.c. and other up to main bathroom were the problem was, but unfortunetly the ground worker went up the wrong side of the Y end ended up shattering the pipe entering toilet in w.c.!!! as the toilet is a flush fit to wall, no pipework can be seen. I was out at the time, mrs was home, later told me she could hear the chap upstairs shouting to the lad out side, your up the wrong pipe stop it your hitting the pan.....

Since they did that the smell was rank to say the least.. Site manager came out few days later, he pulled the toilet out and was gob smacked by what he saw and couldnt apologize enough, fitted a new elbow, slid toilet back and that was it, smell free room!!

Great, until 3 days laterI noticed the woodfloor was wet!!!! yep he hadnt pushed the toilet into the pipe properly... the water staining under the bog wasnt as bad as I first thought, but the water has tracked up the T&G of the boards and swollen creating a step. Some of the boards feel like the high seas when running your hand across, but over the last week have become flatter again, still bent but not as bad, the steps across where the boards meet havent got any better.

I did say to the site manager at the time, when he came back out about the leak, i wasnt happy and the floor is fully stuck down, removing a plank or two is not going to happen! And he agreed it it doesnt go back they as a company will have to do something..

Really I dont wont to go down that route of pulling the floor up because of the disruption and plus I did a crackin job in the first place!

If i put a small heater in there just to keep the room warm, not piping hot, will this help, or is the floor sadly ruined? There is a rad in the room, but dont particularly want the heating on 24/7...


When the plumber came out to fit the toilet correctly, I put my head underneath when he pulled it out and found they had cracked the underside of the pan as well, so a new bog was fitted!

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Once the wood has swollen it has to be replaced, it will never be perfect again.

Putting a heater in to dry it out will not help matters. Fast drying of the wood will make it worse than slow drying.

Get them to replace it.

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