Dismantle Ikea Loviken tap to clean/replace valve

29 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom
Have been doing lots of plumbing things recently but just when I thought I was all done, the kitchen tap decides to kick off and start dripping.

The tap is an Ikea Loviken mixer tap (Mk1, I think), with ceramic valves, and it is the cold side that’s dripping. I have read other threads online with people having success at taking their mixer taps apart and cleaning the ceramic discs. Happy to try this, but just can’t get the taps apart to get at the valves.

There seem to have been two versions of this tap – one (ours) was supplied fully constructed, and the other required the user to fit the tap handles together themselves. I am enclosing a page from the manual for the second type, with an arrow to the part that I’m having difficulty with.

When the tap handles are removed, there is a smooth chrome cap over the valve (with the splines coming up through the hole). It doesn’t appear to screw on, and I haven’t been able to get even a Stanley knife blade between the cap and the tap body. Have tried lots of WD40. Have tried (gently) inserting a hook into the small gap between the cap and the splines, but couldn’t pull it up that way.

I know the advice might be to replace the whole tap, or replace the Ikea tap AND sink with something standard. For cost reasons, we would really rather try to repair the tap if we can, and it seems as if it should be possible – if only I can get into the damn thing.

Any suggestions? Someone else seems to have had problems getting the handle off the splines (//www.diynot.com/diy/threads/tap-lever-stuck-to-spline-best-way-of-getting-it-off.352638/), but no one mentions the cap. Are there any good tools for inserting into very fine gaps for leverage, or strong tools for hooking/levering from above? Can post photos if it would help.


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it looks like it unscrews off , get a rag to not scratch it and use some pump grips to unscrew it
Thank you, AGAS. I had taken a few goes at trying to turn the covers (and the OH had tried too) but they wouldn't budge. Have just tried again and one unscrewed! Maybe the nine gallons of WD40 I squirted in eventually got to work. Now I need a different kind of wrench to get the valve out, but am one stage further on.

One cover is still stuck fast, but at least I now know that it *should* unscrew. Don't currently have any pump pliers, but I will go and get some and try that one too. The diagram looked to me as if the covers just slotted in, but you clearly interpreted it better than I did. Will try removing the valve and cleaning it, and report back.

Thanks again...
if you manage to remove it to replace you need to count the spines on spindle to get the right one which can be a pain sometimes .
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Just seen this - I was the person in thread linked to...
So I'll update here for anyone else having problems with Loviken taps.
I got the new cartridges, got them fitted then a month or so later started having problems with the handle spinning on the spline - seems that all the hitting/wriggling/vinegar/wd40 -maybe even the vaseline I put on to stop it seizing on again- had damaged the inside of the handle. Ikea don't do new handles for them. And they didn't do Loviken taps any more...I got the impression quite a few people had had problems with them. Also if I remember rightly I couldn't different get new handles from just any where cos of their odd sizing.
But it was still under guarantee (I think it was 5yrs) and I had the receipts etc so they replaced it for free - let me choose a new tap from their current range (as long it was the same or less than I original paid -I could have paid extra and got a more expensive one) and posted it to me. As they didn't have any kitchen fitters in the area and I had originally paid for someone (not Ikea) to install my kitchen they also paid for my plumber to fit it for me! Fantastic customer service.
BUT the new tap (can't remember what it is called ...looks like a yttran -but I know that wasn't its name) after a year or so became really stiff when you try to turn the spout. I can't find out how to get it apart to clean and grease it - seems like it a sealed unit. Constantly forcing it round eventually makes the whole unit loose - but It is on flexible tails so not too worried about the pipework so I just have to tighten it up every so often...
So even with their excellent customer service I don't think I'd buy a tap from them again!

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