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Hello All.
I am having some problems and would appreciate some advice please.
I have several certificates that I need to e-mail.
I have taken the certs to to a friend whom scanned them, and e-mailed them to me.
Opened the documents onto my pc and all is fine :LOL: .
The 'files' are JPEG images. However they are ranging in size from 9.14MB to 36KB ?? And when I have tried to send them they appear to be massive, and too big to send. I have been trying for a few days now and need to get them sent. :confused:

I understand that I could go and get them faxed, but would prefer to stay indoors on this dreary day.

Is there any way I could convert the files into another format ?? Is 'winzip' an option, and if so is it idiot-proof as I am a bit slow on the uptake :oops: ?

Many thanks for any advice

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