Dodgy plumbing fittings or flux

2 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom
Dear All,

I have been trying to pipe in 22mm copper to a new downstairs shower valve.

I have been using 22mm pre-soldered Yorkshire ring fittings which I purchased from a local supplier, Wickes or Screwfix. I am not sure which. Now and again to reduce leak possibilities I have been applying additional lead based solder around each joint.

The flux I have been using is Laco flux. All copper and fittings have been cleaned properly with wire wool before soldering.

Despite my best efforts I have been experiencing leaks especially when the 3 bar Stuart Turner pump is active.

I have done lots of soldering and have never really had leaks in solder fittings.

I would ask if anyone has ever experienced problems with yorkshire fittings or the above flux.
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Cheers Dan, Most of the pipework was fabricated dry so I would doubt there was any water causing any problems
Yorkshire fittings have lead free solder within the fitting.

The last thing you want to do is introduce leaded solder into the fitting, leaded solder and lead free solder have different melting points.

Laco flux :evil: try Everflux :D
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Lead based solder is nasty stuff and as suggested shouldn't be mixed with lead free solder which the yorkies will have.

Lead solder is notoriously bad when it comes to modern self cleaning fluxes as well, that certainly could be the reason for your leaks.

Right amount of flux with the correct heat and yorkies are excellent fittings IMO.

Lead solder is notoriously bad when it comes to modern self cleaning fluxes as well, that certainly could be the reason for your leaks.

I never had any problems with it . La-Co flux was around well before the lead free shyte came in
No one else gonna mention leaded solder shouldn't be used on potable water?

30 years ago with lead solder I DIY plumbed the entire house. One or two weepy joints. Three years ago when I did this cottage with lead free I had too many weepy joints. A plumber friend advised me to not touch the ends of the pipes after cleaning with clean wire wool. And the same for the insides of the fittings. Apparently the grease from fingers is enough to prevent the solder flowing through out the joint area.
I'm at a loss here gents!!! Maybe I should just go and buy a new batch of yorkshire solder rings from wickes and start again. Maybe adding additional solder is causing the problem. Maybe I should not apply any additional solder
Get unleaded solder.

Even heat all around the fitting. Only a low flame is needed.

When the fitting solder runs, if you feel the need, a couple of mm of unleaded can be added.

Then withdraw the heat and use the tiniest of dabs of flux around the solder bead to secure the run.

Job done, 30 seconds.

Personally, I find Yorkshire fittings a but pointless.
OK guys, I have made a decision to reinstall all of my pipework.

I would like to purchase new copper yorkshire elbows today. I would appreciate thoughts on whether there seems to be a differing in quality between screwfix, wickes and B&Q????
The best yorkies to get are Yorkshire's branded ones but are more expensive.

Never used any of the other shed's solder ring fittings so couldn't comment but they all seem to source their generic stuff like that from the same sources so reckon quality would be similar.
End feed fittings are much cheaper and, provided the fitting and pipe end are properly cleaned, they work as well as Yorkshire and their clones.

If fact the plumber friend who did the gas piping in the cottage trusts end feds more than Yorkshires.

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