Dodgy plumbing fittings or flux

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Yup, if a seasoned solderer, cleaned properly, right temp and amount of solder as mentioned by others then end feeds don't end up with a gap where the solder ring was and therefore a better fitting.
Another good tip from the master plumber I was given was with end feed, use the same size of solder as the fitting for a solid run without over soldering, 15mm fitting uses 15mm of solder, 22mm uses 22mm of solder.
That would depend on the guage of solder though. ;) . I like to use really thin stuff.

Stuff I use is 1.6mm Lead Free. Normal solder is around 3mm IIRC
Lol...fair enough Dan :)

It would be true then with standard lead free 3-4mm gauge 1/2 kg solder coils
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Also heat the fitting and not the pipe. It works as I found out.

Possible because as the fitting heats it expands and the gap for the solder to flow into is, until the pipe heats up, slightly wider.
It's strange that some of us managed perfectly well with FULL FAT proper leaded solder for many years without any problems?

Yes, most of us had to make the transition over to using both, Full Fat for heating and lead free for potable etc when the water police may have been watching!

As for previous comments on this post about giving the fitting a little dab of flux once the heat has been taken away :eek:

And this magical thin 1.6mm lead free solder, whats that all about? I've never used it on plumbing fittings or ever needed too.

Please give me a link to this 1.6mm plumbing solder?

Runs quicker and cleaner. Picked it up in a branch of Graham near where i was working.

I'm perfectly happy with my soldering technique thank you muchly :p
That solder is multicore, its for sparky's :LOL:

So no flux needed then on the fittings? or is it a belt and braces approach with a little dab of Laco afterwards?
I know, and no I don't rely on the included flux :p .

Have always used a little dab after the heat is withdrawn.

You can be as snobbish as you like. It works, simples :p
Mixing fluxes between different manufactures, using something designed to be used somewhere else, IE thin little electric wires will eventually end in tears in someone else's house.

Can you show me why that solder cannot be used on plumbing?

* edit*

Back in a few moments - gonna nip to the shower - the one that is plumbed using that solder and his happily holding back the better part of 6 bar water pressure ;) :rolleyes:
No. but if I ever had a claim on my public liability insurance due to a failed joint I wouldn't tell them that Ive been experimenting with what suits me.

Neat joints are easy, I'll get my son to show you how :p

Thanks for all of your advice. Yesterday I whipped down to Wickes and bought some new fittings which were Wickes branded solder ring fittings.

This time I applied more heat to the fitting and less to the pipe. I also still used the Laco flux but no additional solder at all. This time I heated the joint just until the solder ring appeared whereas previously I think I have have applied too much heat

I now have no leaks.

Thanks for your advice.



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