double glazing old sash windows

18 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
I have old sash windows with very thin glass, I accidently put my hand through one of the pieces of glass, with very little effort(a short visit to A&E and 9 stiches later) I am worried about my kids doing the same

I also have the problem that they are very drafty, is it possible to have double glazed panes fitted to original sash windows or would it ruin the look

I plan on replacing all the glass with something thicker and stronger and thought if possible I should add double glazing, any thoughts or experiences appreciated
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there is a company in Edinburgh which can provide double glazed units for traditional sash windows - not very cheap I think.

google search should find them
Thanks STR

I will have a search and see what I can find, if I find the company can I post the website here for others, is this allowed

it will also make them a lot heavier. Quite apart from increasing the balancing weights, they are probably not built strong enough. You may end up needing new sashes.

I suppose an easier thing would be to reglaze them in 6mm float or laminated (which is very safe) but even this will be heavier than thin glass.

cheaper still would be to add anti-shatter film to the old glass
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the company i am thinking of seems to be okay in conservation areas/listed building - they get away with it in Edinburgh world heritage site anyway!

don't know the technical aspects of them but they are so slim that they can replace existign single glazed panes although I guess they may need heavy counter balance weights?

i think they may advertise in the scotland on sunday??
went to qoute a job today, customer is using slimlite glass overall sealed unit will be 10mm as rebate is 18mm overall , 40 units to fit on phase 1
question i have is all single pane glass have been puttied in which have been in for a considerable time, all 10 frames off the windows dont open all which are sash windows
how do you remove the putty on the bottom 2 were the top sash frame obscure the bottom sash ie were the two frame meet
any help would be appreciated
i'm not with you. all the panes should be accessible from the outside. the overlap should be the timber rails only.
there 2 panes in the top and 2 in bottom and its were the sash windows meet in the middle, you have the inner side on the bottom frame which is behind the outer frame of the top, it were the looking catch is, it only on the bottom 2 panes are i can get the putty out on sides and bottom its were it behind outer frame of top slider
if the top sash is overhanging the putty on the bottom sash, you'll need to slide both sashes. are you saying they are all stuck? that's a problem.
unless maybe you can get at the putty from behind the top sash?
the top and bottom sash dont move so removing the putty from the bottom sash which is behind the top sash would very difficult and replacing it impossible, have you any ideas
1) cut the paint with a stanley knife and free the sashes by force.
2) use a cordless drill, heat gun, chisel etc; to remove the putty from behind the top sash. this still leaves you the problem of glazing the new units though.

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