Double Winder Stair Install Query

15 Mar 2009
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Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me with what i'm guessing is a common issue, I'm part way through a loft conversion (Steel work all in and joists going in this week) and I'm ready to order a staircase.

It will be a double winder (Top and Bottom 3 steps) which will be going into a rectangular opening in the loft floor - I have attached picture from Stairbox hopefully this will work!

Anyway, I've fitted straight runs before where back of top newel and stair string are notched over the trimmer - in this instance the back of the newel will be the right side of it (looking up the stairs from the straight run) - notching this would push the whole staircase across towards the trimmer and no leave any clearance for the handrail!

Should I have a double newel at top or do I need to pack the joist out behind the last riser to give the handrail clearance?

If I pack out will I be left with an awkward gap to cover behind the newel?

Thanks in advance!
Dbl Wind 3d.PNG
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