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Drainage holes - composite door

Discussion in 'Windows and Doors' started by Pickup, 16 Jan 2020.

  1. Pickup


    28 Oct 2009
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    United Kingdom
    Hi Folks,

    Composite exterior door fitted (I believe) about 4 years ago is letting water in during heavy rainstorms with strong wind from a particular direction. Door appears to have warped slightly (6-8 mm) at bottom, water pools in threshold which fills up, water then runs into house.

    There are no drainage holes in the threshold or in the exterior of the door frame. Our last house had uPVC doors and I think there were drainage holes through to the outside where there were covers/caps.

    Can I simply drill a couple of holes (5-6mm?) through from the internal channel to the outside?

    Where should I drill?
    I was thinking position A (blue dots) at an angle (30-45°) down the way or
    position B (red dots) slightly downwards or position B at an steeper angle (30-45°).

    Do I need to fit ‘caps’ over the holes I create on the outside? If so where might I get them?

    Many thanks


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