drainage smells

2 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
Help - I have sewage smells in my (new) kitchen - a single storey extension. Inside, the smell seems to come from where the soil pipe (now internal - boxed in) meets the floor. But there is also the same smell outside near the drain and sewage manhole cover. I've had 2 drainage inspections, both found no cracks/problems. The problem is intermittent, but worse in the evenings.

I'm at the end of my tether, does anyone have any ideas on 1) what the problem is and b) how I could go about fixing it?

I have tried getting the original builders back, but they ignore my calls, as does the architect.
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Victorians knew th eproper place for a toilet, across the yard in the Netty, next to the Coal House. Them as worked doon the pit had a bath in front of the fire and had their coal scrubbed off their backs, but some men prefered to leave it as it hardened them.

Serves you right for being a soft southerner and doubly right for buying a new house.

Nothing's been discovered in house building that's improved on the 19th Century.

The introduction of standards just lead to a lowering of quality.
To be fair though there aint enought quality houses to go round, so the government are pulling down whole streets worth in order that you folk who can't find one won't have to drive down said streets with envy in your eyes at the quality sash windows which have lasted over 100 years with wood no longer available anywhere in the world.
:LOL: You Guys :!: .........The plasterers ****ed in the corner against the soil pipe.........THIS DOES HAPPEN :mad: ..I have witnessed it :eek:
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Thanks! I new I could count on you all for some great advice! :D

The house is old (1750, with an addition in 1950's) and then we have added the kitchen extension.

PS...the entire builders team used to P*** round the back of my garage (nice)...so definitely not in the corner of the kitchen!

Joking aside...does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?

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