PRV opens if the pressure rises to high, normally 3bar on the gauge. The danger with using it is that it doesn't reseat properly causing drips outside and a pressure loss in the system.

Can I have square sausage?
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Right, thanks, I'll stop messing about with PRV then and I'll arrange to get draincock fitted.

Is this better fitted on ground floor rad on pipework under floor?

Can't wait to bin old chinese container.
Breakfast is on me definitely, whatever you want.

I can recommend haggis, followed by pack of Rennies.

How much(foodwise) to sort this out for me?
Yes, as low as possible on the system. You could fit the rad valve shown earlier but a drain cock to the outside is the way to go IMHO.
I still reckon if you really scrutinise all the pipes, you may find a drain cock.

Yes, if you're not DIYing it, get a drain cock fitted, but the rad valve varieties are fine.

Only want a haggis if it's free range. Wouldn't like to think of one being reared in a small cage with no natural light.

Good luck! ;)
Will crawl about further under floor, it keeps me alive.

Free range haggis no problem, I'll nip to the Glen across the road and check my traps.

You'll still need the Rennies though.
if you've drained it, and you can do DIY plumbing, I reckon it's worth changing most or all your downstairs lockshields for the ones with a drain cock, especially if they are near an external door that you can run a hosepipe through.

my ground floor rads are fed from loops above.

Some of them might be poor quality though - I bought screwfix ones like the one in the photo, and a hamfisted apprentice plumber broke one of the squared shafts off. I have no way of knowing how clumsy he was.

I was bitten by a haggis when young so don't often eat them now. Round here it is hard to get the ones mated with sheep, they often have a bit of ox in them. The land is quite flat so the local flock have equal-length legs.
Think I've found draincock(under floor on some pipework).

I've attached hose and fed outside and opened it.

However it's been draining for ages. I've opened bleed valves on rads upstairs and still water in them. Pressure not went down on boiler either?

Any ideas?
It's not the heating pipework.

These drain cocks and be fitted to almost any system to allow the water to be drained...hot water cylinders, agas etc etc.
Yep, it's not ch draincock. I have looked further at pipework and don't have one.

Plan will be to get plumber to fit one (pay with breakfast) underfloor me thinks n get hose connected via vent brick to outside.

Then I'll be able to drain system properly, cleaner, then inhibitor.

Thanks for advice and pics, very helpful again.

However it's been draining for ages. I've opened bleed valves on rads upstairs and still water in them. Pressure not went down on boiler either?

Any ideas?
Like you said in your title - water , it Kinda Lingers :mrgreen:

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