Drilling in Stone Resin Shower Tray

9 May 2010
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United Kingdom

Looking for advise please.

Installed a stone resin shower tray, two sides wall, two sides glass shower enclosure with a sliding door on long side. Pretty much completed installation of shower enclosure except for drilling. Shower enclosure instructions require a corner bracket to be fitted at end of glass panel which is drilled to shower tray; one corner bracket for each panel (there's two to do). These brackets are securing the non-wall end of each panel and a threshold strip.

Anyone experienced in drilling stone resin? Can it be done, do you use plugs, do they hold securely?

Thanks for any advise.

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Are you certain the instructions say to drill into the tray? I would suspect this would prove a nightmare in years to come, and I've always used silicone to stick the corner down as per my enclosure instructions.
Interested to hear other views on this!
John :)
Hi John,

Yep. Drill and a 6mm plug. In fairness, they didn't come from the same place. The enclosure instructions are not specifically for stone resin but the two corner brackets will have the screw heads on view when completed (no caps).

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:confused: when I've done it I used a sharp hss drill bit, abit of masking tape and took my time, scary stuff

forgot to mention don't use hammer!!
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Welllll if it really has to be drilled I'd use as light a hammer action as possible, drill to the required depth and give a good squidge of silicone when the corner is secured.....however having only fitted maybe a dozen trays on my life I'm hardly qualified to comment - but drilling has never been recommended on any of them!
I've found the corner structures to be strong enough to rely on silicone alone.
John :)
Its going to be near the edge so as soon as the rawlplug expands the tray will split.
its been fine when I've done it, but maybe could try a self tapper and silicone if he worried, not sure how well it would grab in the resin
Do you have any photos? Link to the installation manual? I have never had to drill into a tray and I don't think I'd like to :eek:.
Hope you aren't bothered about any warranty that comes with the tray! :confused:

Still thinking how a screen manufacturer would expect you to have to do this :sick:
Hi All,

Thanks for sharing experiences. Considering the mixed reactions, I think I'll silicon the brackets rather than screw. Make good where the screw heads should show. If there's any issue with this in the future then I can have a go at fixing with screws then.

|Thanks Again,
6" nail will surely do. Make sure it's not galvanised so that it goes rusty in a week...

I don't think you should drill into the resin tray.
Last screen I had to remove (as it was badly fitted only a few months ago by "The Builder" :rolleyes:) had profiles stuck to the wall with a silicone so strong that it required I bend the profiles out of shape to get a blade down the back of them... I tried for an hour or so to try and do this without wrecking the profiles, before... wrecking them... so don't worry about silicone not being up to the task... most glass curtain facades in London are built with it!!!
When the builders installed our shower screens they put some tape down on the tray, marked out where to drill then without using the hammer action they used a smaller drill as a pilot then a 6mm and plugged it.
I'm pretty sure they used the Bosch multi construction bits .
You will need to silicone the base of the shower tray well but that goes with the job.


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