Drilling Perpendicular holes

15 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi - I need to drill two 22mm holes exactly perpendicular through a very thick (520mm) wall (once external) to meet existing CH supplies. I need to be exact, but these pipes are only 100mm and 130mm above floor height respectively. Does anyone know of a jig or frame that can be bought or hired that will hold a standard 8Kg SDS drill that will enable a perfectly level, perpendicular hole to be drilled this close to the floor?

Thanks in advance
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Not exactly, but you could start the hole and every time you stop to clean out the dust you could put a spirit level on the bit to keep it lined up.
Probably not too hard to make a jig out of timber using sheet material and v blocks
Drilling the smallest hole possible to start with?

I would imagine the hardest part is starting in the right place, rather than drifting?

Easier still if you can screw your jig to the floor
I did wonder about V blocks - the issue is the movement I will need - the drill is 900mm long. And unfortunately cannot screw to the floor - but I could screw to the wall. There are rigs that will take a diamond bit - they are hung upside down on the wall - but whilst that is possible, getting the drill at the right height would be a nightmare. But it does give me food for thought - if I had a V channel which I could secure, that would at least get the left/right problem sorted - and I can tolerate a little vertical misalignment, because you cannot see the vertical position on both sides of the wall - but a horizontal misalignment will be blindingly obvious. THe only question is how to get the V channel the correct height - is it as simple as two sets of blocks, one for each hole?
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If you put your drill flat on the floor, on it's side, how far off the ground is the chuck centre?

If you then imagine a sheet of 3/4 ply on the ground with batons screwed at right angles to the wall and acting as rails would guide the drill? Making use of the handle screw to fit something like a block that runs between the rails?

100mm is quite low. For height I was going to suggest a motorbike scissor lift.
Mine was £60 and the top is bigger than the bottom so it goes very flat. I have used it more

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