Core drilling

22 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
Ok - it’s chuffing hot.
I have an air conditioner with hose, and can back it onto what was a recessed front door porch alcove.
does that make sense?
my front door is a couple of feet recessed, maybe three. This means that the wall to my left as I walk into my front room would technically lead to outside if a porch had not been added.

I have access to a mid sized sds drill but would need to hire a core drill.
assuming standard brick, would a “normal” SdS (Makita) core drill a 100-150 mm core?

I have plans to enable boxing in and plugging the core hole for winter.
the porch allows for insulated ducting etc.
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Any chance you have a chimney? :)
...and are you a masochist to consider core drilling in this weather? ;)
The drill would let out smoke, and need a new armature and brushes.

Ask me how I know....
The drill would let out smoke, and need a new armature and brushes.

Ask me how I know....
My cheapo "Guild" SDS (Argos own brand), has quite successfully drilled two 115mm cores out of a rubble filled stone wall.
At the price it was, I wouldn't have been upset had it died.
However, it's still going strong - it's actually a bit of a beast! :)

Go slowly, let the drill go at its own pace, take plenty of rests for the drill and you.
Use PPE and make sure the drill has a clutch and it works!
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If you've got easy access I'd suggest stitch drilling a couple of bricks out and coring the inner skin (assuming it's thermalite or 7n blocks or similar) then make good afterwards. If the bricks are old solids coring is a very long dull job- with my Atlas Copco it's 10 mins coring then 30 mins cool down to keep the magic smoke inside. 10 minutes with a 10mm bit and a chisel in the same drill and I can stitch the bricks out....
My 18v DeWalt has done a few 125mm cores through Accrington and engineering bricks when my fancy DeWalt core drill packed up yet again.
I must've cored 100 holes with my makita 2kg sds.
The trick is to not push.
Let the blade do its work.
Some materials are softer than others and it will go through in a matter of a couple of minutes.
Other stronger masonry takes longer.
If yours is tough, once you realise your arms are getting tired and dropping (clutch engaging), take a rest.
House is mid 50's rendered front.
some of the hidden from view brickwork is terrible.
I could stitch drill and make good, the drill belongs to work and is bloody good but not massive

I may look into hiring a core drill but tending towards stiching now.

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