filling drilled hole in concrete floor. HELP!

As I have already suggested the holes drilled can be filled with grout, it's almost what it was devised for. An alternative would be to substitute the floor bolts for threaded rod, washers and nuts, fill all the holes with anchor resin making sure they are upright, job as they say, with enough of a fix to hold almost anything...pinenot :)
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The critical fixings are actually the ones in the wall, not the ones in the floor.

When you sit on the loo the frame will try and rotate around the floor fixings and try to pull the wall fixings out, the loading on the floor fixings is shear. Hope it's a good wall.

I need one of those hole saws . . . . changes size automatically.
Must admit when I saw this post I assumed that because it was a loo the need to rectify the Mis-Drilled hole was needing an answer fast, to get the apparatus back into use quickly, hence that post about epoxy resin and the cling film wrap, to infill the unwanted hole

As for these frames the support the cantilevered loos. there is a lot of metal, lots of bolting bits on and fitting these frames can be a pain, the rear upright, the floor section Etc.

I agree with previous posts, the floor [ground] fitting anchors appear to be overkill, because the vast majority of the load applied will act on the wall where the overturning moment will be at its maximum.

The need for 80.MM deep floor, base mounted fixings appears excessive, probably something to do with an over engineered concept? who knows? Health and Safety RULES !
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Thanks for the comments. 80mm is 8cm right?
Yes the frame has to be bolted to the concrete floor well and truly.
I agree with the frame to wall support.

My house is a new build (2001) and if you look at the video I posted that's a good example of my toilet room the window over the loo etc.

The video makes it so much easier to help me accomplish this myself.

The walls behind my loo are plasterboard and then I do believe thermalite.
I spoke to the tech who makes these frames and he has installed 3 in his house by using more than 2 screw bolts via the bracket horizontally you see running vertically down the sides of the walls. I have mine here which have predrilled holes. I am going to anchor the bracket with anchor screws then drill 14mm holes about 60cm in the thermalite as I believe they are 10cm wide.
Then I am going to pump in some resin and then place long threaded 10mm studs in the holes and lightly tighten nuts and leave to set. If I used raw plugs I'd probably split the thermalite block. Agree?

Back to my OP I wrapped a 8mm dowel in cling film and put it in the correct hole and bought some ready made conrete (good stuff) and filled the incorrect holes. Smoothed the edges and slowly pulled out the dowls. Waiting for it to set :)

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