Drip coming down chimney

15 Aug 2019
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East Midlands
United Kingdom
New here so forgive my terminology if it's not spot on! Live in a 1901 terraced house and have a problem with the chimney in the bedroom (not used) dripping. I know we have had tremendous rain but this is getting daft. Back in March we had a roofer come to fix our ridge tiles and he also re-pointed and capped the chimney stack. We have a woodburner in the front room and the bedroom above has a chimney that is not in use, an opening about 4x4 inches square that has a metal vent we've put over it with. The chimney that 'seems' to be causing the problem has a pepper pot cowl. When this problem started, we got the roofer back. Last week he went up and said he couldn't see anything obvious, all looked sound BUT he did say he would put a cowl on the chimney that serves the woodburner (photo 1) There's a crack in that pot but according to him that wouldn't let water in? Flashing and brick work looked sound and the cement on the top that he did looked OK too. Wasn't sure how the new cowl would stop the drip as it was on the woodburning chimney but mine is not to reason why! (photo 2)
We had rain again and once again drip, drip, drip :( It's awkward because the aperture into the chimney is only big enough to get yer hand in. So, necessity being the mother of invention and all that I cobbled together a bendy plastic place mat curled into the vent with a car sponge, swapped from the wee sponge in the pic, and it overhangs a little bit and channels the drips into a jug (photo 3) I took a photo up the chimney and you have to zoom in but at the top you can see a vague, dark red square with a darker centre (photo 4). Presume this is the top of the chimney and the darker bit is the pepper pot? So you lovely folk...have you any ideas what the blazes is causing this drip? Roofer can't get back now until 23rd Sep, I am not questioning his work it's just I want to get this sorted cos it's a total flammin pain as well as the potential damage.
He has said the pepper pot is bedded in but there is some bright red brick dust/debris too which I would presume is from that. The new cowl and fitting etc was £100. As I said we have had some silly weather but even light rain is causing the dreaded drip. Do any of you have any advice because we are going to have to get someone else in and it's always difficult when you can't see the thing yourself, are not an expert but living with a torturous, nerve shredding noise!!!

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rain probably following the profile of the elephants foot....pepper pot cowl into the flu.. It might look sealed but I bet it isnt....
There is no pot under the pepper pot which means when its raining the water can bounce into the holes.
ie. its too close to the flaunching
Did he use a waterproofer in the cement when he did the work?
Thanks datarebal and Catlad. That's given me food for thought. Excuse my ignorance but what is the elephants foot Datarebal? And catlad even with lightish rain we get a small drip, no idea re waterproofing the cement. Is the solution taking the pepper pot out and starting again? Or some kind of sealant at its base? Thanks again, appreciate your thoughts
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If I were you I would get someone to apply stormdry to the whole of the stack. paying attention to the instructions.
simple , what you refer to as pepper pot, where we come from they are referred to as elephants foot ventilation cowl

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