drip under bath - HELP

27 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
Yesterday my spare room carpet was soaking along side the wall adjacent to the bath in the next room. This has happened once when the bath overflowed but this time it hadnt overflowed.

I had a bath later yesterday and heard a drip drip noise - sounded like it was from the wall between the 2 room. I turned mains water off but it still drip dripped. I left the water in the bath and after a while the drip stopped. I emptied the bath - no drip. I filled the bath a bit - no drip, emptied - no drip.

This morning when having a shower the drip sound started - albeit slower. i could see under the bath to see where it's hitting the floor but cant actually see where it;s coming from as the dripping was stopping. It doesnt seem to be under s pipe though. It's near the far wall.

Confused that it would drip when the mains is off - this might give a clue as to what it wrong?

And why mainly when water is being put in rather than out of bath?

Got a plumber coming 2moz but knowing my luck it'll do it when he's not there and not when he is.. any clues??
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Maybe the drip only occurs when you're in the bath creating enough force to seperate the sealant between bath and wall?

that's what I wondered but where would the water be coming from - when i was in the bath is was A LOT of water - surely cant be coming from bath seal not the amount it was. More believable from the smaller amount when i had been in shower. But the 2 together dont make sense..
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Ok.. I thought it was the sel too - got it resealed by neighbour but still a puddle under there seemingly coming from nowhere!!! Until I felt underneath (not that easy with a baby bump!!) and the fibre galss (?) is very rough and wet - so my bath has a hole in it.
Phoned plumber he suggested telling insurance it was a leaking bath and claim but they asked me the cause and I didnt know so said probably wear and tear MISTAKE!!! as that means I cant claim. Although I said I'd get plumber to look to see if there is another cause. Dont even think I have accidental cover on house insurance anyway!
a) if I dont have accidental damage cover is there any way I can claim?
b) any idea how much it would cost to take old bath out and fit new one? It's closed in round 3 walls with sink pretty tight on one of these walls.... :(

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