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7 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a shower over my bath, but the edge at the back wall and the far end of the bath have a problem, i get a Drip of water come over after using the shower. Its not a lot but enough to cause some damage if i don't stop it.

Is there anything i can buy/do to block the water from dripping over these ends and causing me a water damage problem, while still looking neat and tidy?
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can you explain the problem a little more? is the water running down the wall behind the bath? or is it running along, and off the edge of the bath?

If it's running between bath and wall, then normal silicon sealant should work....

photos often help describe a situation more fully (just make sure you're not in the shower when the pics being taken!!)
Its off the edges of the bath, at the wall the shower is on, and at the far end. I'll take some pics tomoz if that will help.

For clarity, the bath has recently been re-tiled and sealed.
still not too sure i understand what you're describing.... but it sounds like the water drip would be visible (as opposed to being hidden by the bath?) and are you seeing the water on the floor next to the bath panel?

If this is the case, i wonder whether a small blob of clear sealant would stop the water trickling over the edge of the bath...

And i wouldn't say you have a risk of water damage problems, especially if the floor is sealed. But photos would help.
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Yep! You are right, i do see a small puddle of water at the side and the end of the bath after i shower.

A small blob of clear sealent would still be noticable and look rather untidy.... Is there not a proper "barrier" that i could use that would look more like it was supposed to be there rather than just improvised?!?

(My floor is not currently sealed, new flooring is next on the list, but not sure when i will get it done.)
Photos appear in my album at this location


Looking for something that will stop the trickle of water from running off the edge off the bath at both edges shown, AND something that looks like it is part of the bathroom, not just an improvised temporary fix.

I have encountered this problem a few times, and it can cause a lot of damage if not addressed properly. I'm assuming that you have a shower curtain fitted. In the past I have put a bead of silicone on the edge of the bath to guide the water back, but if you are worried about what it looks like then the only answer really is a bath screen.
just looked at the photo, it seems to be that the bath is of a design where it is not supposed to have a shower above it(with the curved edges) may be the silicone bead is your only answer, not going to look to pretty though. But water will damage the surroundings if not done.
Bath screens are hideous.... I used to spend FAR too many hours cleaning one in an old house. I much prefer shower curtains that easily washable/replaceable!

If anyone can suggest anything else would be much appreciated!

I see a gap in the market for a small plastic device that can be silicone sealed into place to create a neat, clean lined barrier for the edge of the bath, if anyone wants to create one i will happily road test it!!
Hmmm that bath is shaped to torment. I would have to clarify my comment about the damage... my bath has a shower curtain and after a shower, i get maybe a teaspoon or two of water dripping onto the lino. The painted wall has a sheen so the water basically evaporatres away and causes virtually no problem. Your bath looks like it could leak a cupful of water? or more? so could possibly lead to damage. So probably does need sorting.

If you don't want a silicon bead, could you use something temporary? like a big lump of plasticine or play-doh? or maybe a flannel and a towel on the floor?

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