30 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,
I have a DRM protected WMV music video file which i have the purchased the license to be able to play on my pc. The problem is, that i would like to convert the file to vcd so i can play it on my home dvd player. Up to now i have tried TMPENC and WinAvi, but none of them are able to open the file and convert it.
Anyone got any ideas on how to convert it?
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The disc you are trying to convert is presumably a CD that contains moving pictures and sound i.e. a VCD. I thought VCD disc's used a compression standard called MPEG to store video and audio. It maybe worth checking the internet out via Google for WMV to MPEG file conversion software.
no. the file has been dowloaded from a music website which i subscribe to. as i said, it is a wmv file with drm protection embeded in it. what i wish to do is convert it to vcd (mpeg1) so that i may play it on my dvd player.
i can play it ok on my pc with wmp 10, but this is not what i wish to do, can anyone help.
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hi igorian,
yes you are right, i did ask this before. the site you pinted me to, and more specifically, a programme called freeme, did not work. The reason being is that freeme is only useful for files of drm 1, the file i have is embedded with drm 2.
i find it very frustrating because i have purchased the license to be able to play it but i am unable to encode the file to a more suitable format.
Any more ideas igorian would be greatly appreciated
Thanks pc1962 for your response.
The link you point me to seems to only be viable with wma files and as mine is a wmv file, i think it may be fruitless although i will look into it and let you know.
Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Have you tried emailing the site you downloaded the file from to see if it's possible?
have you tried using programs like ulead dvd creator ?
as its a wmv file which stands for (windows media video - or something like that) is their not a setting in windows media player to convert the file to mpeg-1 -2 -3 -4 ? seen as though the site has used windows media player to convert it in the first place


try this converter i have previously used it and it seems to have worked fine !!

good luck !!

just tried that programme fireblade but unfortunatley, as i suspected, it didnt work, it just froze the programme itself.

anybody else got any ideas?
play the file with windows media player. if your graphics card has an svideo port, connect the svideo to an external dvd recorder and record.
You need to be pretty clever to break Windows Video DRM. Having worked with DRM for the last couple of years, unless you find the right cracking software, I would bother with the hassle.

Obviously by breaking the DRM, you are also breaking the law!
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