converting video to dvd

30 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
hi all,
up untill recently i have been using Winavi7.7 to convert all my videos to dvd but have found that it has started crashing a lot trying to convert files that it previously converted with no problems. Tried updating to version 10 but didnt like it, so i am now looking for something else out there that may to the job for me.
What i liked about Winavi is that you could load multiple files to convert to dvd but also set it up to convert multiple jobs to multiple dvd's (if that makes sense!) so i was wondering if anyone can suggest a similar application or software that would do the same as my beloved Winavi!

p.s i have trawled the web but most converters only seem to do one dvd at a time then you have to load a new project for it to convert. i wish to set mine up and then leave it running while i goto bed!
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have you installed anything lately that would have caused your current application to stop working? If you're happy with the results of it before the problem, maybe uninstall and reinstall, in case that solves the problem?

Failing that, I use either Handbrake, or PSP Video 9 for all my video conversions.
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