Earthing armoured cable.

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EFLImpudence has nothing to add to this thread, except noise. I fear he doesn't know. Maybe he thinks he is the Part P Police. I would advise most people to do homework first as if you get three electricians in, you will get three different solutions and different interpretations of the regs. Most electricians did not know earth bonding before the 17th regs. I knew one who insisted that the bathroom bonding HAD to go back to the meter. Even I knew it did not and that the appliance in the bathroom just needed to be linked to each other. Another who would run cables over kitchen worktops behind the tiles horizontally. Read the threads on here and see the different interpretations. Electricians generally are a poor trade craft-wise, just look at the appalling state of the wiring around most meters that are slapped all over with no idea of neatness and not even clipped. 25mm cables loose so kids can pull them off.

of course he knows. but why would anyone give an incompetent person valuable advise to such who is abusive and may put lives at risk. and as for your other ranting s probably best you jog on.

He doesn't know. If he did he would write it instead of having an attitude. Why is he on a forum like this anyhow if he thinks he so clever and everyone else is stupid?

I have not been abusive, others here clearly have been towards me because I dared to aske a question and I am not Part P certified. Wow. Read back on the thread. Sunshine I am far from incompetent. I just want to make sure I know the right way it is done to stop an incompetent electrician doing it wrong. Read the threads on here most disagree on most matters.
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12 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom
Alex, this is a case of "you don't know what you don't know".

The questions you're asking suggest that you know dangerously little about what you're intending to do (although you think you know enough), which is why you've met the response you have.

Mud slinging and bad mouthing, such as you've done, is unlikely to motivate any of the experts here to help you out.

I'm looking forward to what special words you can muster for me. Go on! Let me have it!

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