easiest way to build stud wall to single skin brick


29 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I was planning to build stud walls in my garage, but only have single skin brick walls. I am planning to put a dpm down on the floor, so fixing a stud wall to the floor wouldn't be good as I tthought your unable to penetrate a dpm?

Any suggestions would be great.

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There's some detail missing. DPM normally goes under the floor, not on it. What are you planning to do in the garage that needs stud walling and DPM?If

But back to your stud wall- it makes installation more difficult but if you put the sole plate on the floor where you want it, fix the head plate to the roof joists and then fix the verticals to the wall (with stupidly long screws and packers or L brackets) so they're a tight fit between head and sole then gravity becomes your friend- friction will keep the sole plate where it is, fix verticals to sole plate and don't kick it while you're doing it.
Will be a games room. At the mo is a concrete floor I plan to lay a dpm on the floor then put floor on top raising it a few inches. So need to fix the wall to the floor some how.
Also the roof is asbestos I believe, and is supportd via metal frame, I intended to come below the metal frame so can't attached my stud work to this.
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Your floor should be fine- 75mm screed ought to do it though I'll leave that one for someone else to comment on. Or you could put DPM then insulation then floating laminate floor- that's legit but you wouldn't want a wall sitting on it or fixed to it (the floor will buckle if it is restrained)

The metal frame holding up your roof- if its the 2" angle iron type setup then yes you can fix your headplate to it with no drama- hookbolts or those self-drilling things the roofing lot use would be fine, level with packers or fillets as necessary. And what are you planning on fixing the ceiling to if you can't (or won't) use the roof support structure?
I didn't think could fix to the metal supports as oppose to won't fix to the metal supports. I was going to do dpm then a floating floor with celotex and screw to the wall battons, then Plywood and laminate. Now I can fix the top plate onto the metal frame, vertical battons then the plate at the bottom.

Not sure quite why you need plywood under your laminate- have a look at the specs of it, I've seen plenty laid direct on polystyrene insulation.

With the wall- yes you want to fix the verticals near the sole plate to your single brick wall- screws and 40 or 50mm wallplugs will do it (if you use L brackets you'll only need 50mm screws and you can get vertical without needing packers). If you can it's worth fixing the verticals along their length and putting noggins in- all serve to stiffen the wall up so it doesn't flap about in the breeze.
Thanks. Yeh I've seen lots of builders use plywood as a sub floor then either laminate or carpet on top. I may not even put laminate down I'm a bit undecided with that. As the single skin is only a few inches I didn't think you would get a decent fixing to fix the wall to this in places.
No it's not thermalite, I just thought that as it is very thin getting fixing would be hard, or it would just pop out the other side. One way to find out would be to get drilling I suppose.

Many thanks :D

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