ECO Boiler scheme - which Boiler to get?

15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom

Currently have a 13yr old Vaillant 828 TurboMAX, I'm having issues with it again. We're entitled to a free replacement boiler under this Govt. 'Eco Scheme'.

I have been told by various local installers tha they're willing to install whatever make of combi-boiler we want. They obviously have to survey & decide upon the KW required etc. Any suggestions on a reliable combi condensing boiler?

- Vaillant Ecotech, my current favourite
- Potterton Titanium, has been recommended as 'head + shoulders' above the Germans by my Plumber who I've known for the last 5-6 yrs?
- Worcester Bosch
- Vokera

I've been told by my Plumber that the Vaillant + Worcester are cr*p as they use plastic parts. To go for the Potterton Titanium?

Any suggestions / comments most appreciated?
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Agree with Worcester but Vaillant Ok but casing a bit flimsy. Don't know about the Potty or the Vokera. Pretty good warrenty with Vaillant.
Thanks for the reply cozzmic

I'm not too bothered if the casing is a bit flimsy on the Vaillant as long as there aren't loads of plastic parts in it (as was suggested by my Plumber)?
You will find in most boilers some plastic in the water areas. The Vaillant is a SS h/ex and easier for access to change anything. My opinion Worcester over priced for doing the same job and have some wild ideas as awkwardness for access to parts.
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They normally tend to go with Vaillants around these ends. One installer tells me they get £4'000 from the government for each boiler!! The boiler manufacturers must be making massive profits.
I'm told that the Potterton Titanium is basically the old award winning Baxi Duotec boiler which was relaunched after they had serious problems with the 'GA series'
That's the one I would go with mainly because parts tend to be cheaper and more readily available if things go wrong.
Vaillants are basically Glow worm and I've never been a fan of any of those although they do have a better reputation and do seem to be better with a Vaillant badge on them.
WB are over-rated IMO but still good gear.
Vokera- Now where did I put my barge pole again?

Just my opinion here to be heard amongst the opinions of others
Thanks for the replies guys

Looks like I'll be going for a Vaillant, most of the local installers offer that + I'm struggling to get anybody offering a Potterton Titanium.

Does anybody know if (as part of this Eco Bioler scheme) they're supposed to do a full power flush, fit a magnetic filter & a thermostat also?
Pretty good warrenty with Vaillant.
It won't matter, if they can not afford to buy their own appliances, then they won't be able to afford to keep the thing serviced and thus covered by the manufactures guarantee.

The only people who benefit out of all this, are share holders.
When I worked on one ECO scheme it was all Vaillians we installed, a good boiler but not very user friendly & many OAPs had problems with the digi control on the boiler. However they're good boilers.

The Potty/Main/Baxi range are as ugly as sin but well engineered & reliable.
So if aesthetics is not an issue, go for the Potty..... ;)

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