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21 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
I currently have storage heaters on economy 7, they aren't very good.

I have bought electric panel heaters to replace them, obviously when currently wired in the same place as the previous storage heater the power won't come on until the night.

Is there anyway to unwire the nearest socket so that it works 24/7?
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Not easily. You would need a qualified electrician to move that circuit from the off peak fusebaord onto the 24/7 board. Assuming there is a spare slot for the fuse.

Alternately he could change things so that all off the off peak points work 24/7. But then you'd need panel heaters at each place.!!

You need a qualified electrcian as this work would consitute a new circuit and is notifiable.
You would have been better investigating the cost of combination heaters. Storage rad with convector and fan assist built in.

These take two supplies, peak and off peak.

You can often ofset the cost of the upgrade by selling the storage rads you remove. You would be surprised how these sell second hand!

If you are changing all the storage rads to panel heaters, you could get someone to convert the entire storage heater board to 24/7 lecky. You would still get cheap lecky to the rads and the rest of your install at off-peak hours, but will obviously be paying a premium to use your panel heaters during the day.
Don't do it! Storage heaters use cheaper off peak electricity which is charged at about one third of the normal rate.

If you change your storage radiators for panel heaters I would expect to see your electricity bill double at least.

BTW Why are your storage heaters "not very good?" Many of the problems people encounter can easily be overcome. Often it's lack of an understanding of how the heaters work and using the controls correctly.
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You could use Economy 10 tariff, with the hours specified by your supplier. Night time heating on efficient storage heaters and maybe daytime heating with panel heaters.
You can get timers for each flex outlet that would coincide with the tariff hours (that is, your storage heaters would not come on when not wanted during the cheap day hours)

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