Edges of pitched roofs

15 Nov 2005
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Cook Islands
I have a pitched roof, with felt and synthetic slates. It is quite a steep slope.

Between the sloping tops of the end walls and the slates is a mortar fillet poked into the gap. This falls out. I have heard there is a more effective plastic strip method. How should it be done?

One of my neighbours has had new mortar poked in recently, but I have a 3-storey house and will have to pay for scaffolding, so don't want to be doing it again in a few years. My friendly local roofer used to do it but he has retired.
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Dry Verge System :idea: seen it with concrete tiles , maybe for slates?
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Don't know what that is. Anyone got a link?

These type screw to the roof batten

More details here
'mmm. thanks. They say it fits concrete tiles, in the picture it looks as if it fits on top of the tiles, is that right? Roof baten is not readily accessible as it is tuicked under the slates. Due to windy coastal enviroinmnet the slates have an extra nail (I think they are head and centre nailed?) and the nail heads seem to have a little bronze washer under them. I can only really see the ones cladding a wall, but I seem to remenber Carl the roofer telling me something like that after I had some blow away.

I had a look at the download, it looks like it is a plastic profile in an inverted "L" shape, is that right?

Will have to get my binoculars out to see how it might fit the existing slates. They seem to be pretty well flush with the wall.

Next job will be to ask around for a good roofer local to PO11. The old guy was great but, as I say, has now retired and moved.
JohnD said:
Will have to get my binoculars out to see how it might fit the existing slates. They seem to be pretty well flush with the wall
Can you take a photo?
mine are a bit high, but I'll see if my neighbours have a similar construction nearer the ground.
well, if it won`t work with those dry verge systems because you can`t get under the slates..........it might be possible to do something similar with lead ;) if you`re clever... OR take the Joe 90 approach........and leave it :LOL:
Grrrrr, so am I doomed to a lifetime of bits of mortar falling out?
The problem with the mortar falling is mainly because the roofer use pit sand and not sharp sand because of the thickness, when I did roofing I used to put down plaster beading under the tile batten so it hold all the mortar in, I have seen some roofer use chicken wire to help to hold the mortar. The correct way in my opinion is the bed the tiles edge onto mortar while tiling the roof but not always possible as most roofer make good only after the tiling is finish. In your case, you're stuck unless you remove all the mortar and it will be difficult to do without breaking any slate tiles. As mentioned from Nige regarding if you can find someone who knows how to do lead flashing or maybe a fillet profile like below and fix it to the wall or keep making good as you may have a weak sand/cement ratio mixture :cry:


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