Edging to Block-Paved Driveway

16 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
My block-paved driveway is now 20-odd years old and is edged with 150 x 50mm plain concrete edging units placed vertically and substantially haunched with mass concrete on the outside face. This has left barely enough soil depth for a layer of turf with the result that in the increasingly dry weather we now have, the edge of the lawn turns brown very quickly. I am about to have the lawn re-turfed and in the process would like to address this issue.

My contractor is suggesting that it is possible to use edge block which could be "glued" in place (ie no haunching) to enable a sufficient soil depth. I have never heard of this process and can't find any reference to it online. Is he pulling my leg or is this a viable option?

Grateful for any comments, the work wont take place until next Feb/March anyway.
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