EGR Valve skoda yeti

9 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom

The dash light for the exhaust system is showing.

We have done 75k miles in our yeti 2l 2 wheel drive.

My small local garage has said it is showing these codes: Po121, Po401, Po403

Something on the throttle needs a good clean out and the EGR valve needs replacing i think.

He is happy for me to buy my own and he will fit. I know him quite well so he looks after me.

So does anybody know what brands i need to be looking at, or where to buy the valve from.

I have been to car parts 4 less and eurocarparts and the Pierbery valve seems to be half decent. The cheapest i can get it for is £229 on Car P 4 less.

Anyone got any better options ?
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Did you have any emissions fixes by VW? If so its possible they will replace the EGR valve if it has malfunctioned for 2 years after the "fix"
Yes we did and i am pretty sure it is related. It was done in Nov 2016 though.
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Phone them and have a real moan about it?

You could try contacting TPS for parts, but it may be expensive.

The p0121 code is something to do with the throttle position sensor, personally I would book it into a VAG specialist who has a copy of VCDS so they can diagnose correctly? May need a new position sensor?
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