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14 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a little question I hope one off you can answer for me.
I am getting my electric meter moved outside in to a white box so that it can be read from the outside.
I am doing the ground works myself to save myself some money ie putting the box in the wall and running the tails from the consumer unit to the meter and the electric board connecting it to the meter.
The problem I have is I live in a flat and the tails need to run out side and down the wall to the white box, so I’m going to use armoured cable but I need to know what size to use, the run will be about 10 meters and it for normal domestic use the tails that are used now are 6mm but are only 1 foot long and go straight from the meter to the consumer unit. Is it best to put a 100amp isolating switch between the meter and the consumer unit in the white box .
Thanks robfix
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Have you asked your DNO for their advice? It is very likely that they will insist on a switch-fuse before the run to your flat. They may also want to see certificates to prove that the work was done by a competent person. Do you know what size your service fuse is? What is your earthing arrangement?

Oh, I hope you don't really have 6mm² tails and that it was a typo.
The tails/cable size depends on the main fuse, the main fuse protects the cable. If your main fuse is 100A I would use 25mmsq cable, if you will use armoured cable it is quit 'heavy'.

on the other hand you could use 25mmsq tails (not armoured) and run them in conduit.

In some places if the tails are longer than 3m the electricity board require a fused isolator, check it out otherwise you will have a surprise.
Personally if it were me, I'd fit a 60A switchfuse in the meterbox, and then run a 16.0mm² split concentric cable from the meterbox to the CU position.

60A will be more than enough for a standard domestic supply.
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Taylortwocities said:
Is one allowed to put a switch fuse in the meter box. tjought it was reserved for DNO equipment only.?
I think that the safer thing is to talk to them. In any case thinking of it, if the box is outside the house it would not be a good idea that anyone can switch off the power to the house.
Taylortwocities said:
Anyone could pull the main fuse, if they felt like being disruptive....
The main fuse is not your responsibility, and you can not influence the LEB's discission, but the isolator is your responsibility...
May be it can be installed on the other side of the wall...
and may be if the LEB asked to install the isolator they would do that (possibly for a charge), than they will not be able to complain.
Crafty said:
Can an isolator be locked on? As an MCB can be locked off?
I never tried but the main Isolator normally is a DP main switch and if it is fused there will a fuse with it.

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