Electric mower working intermittently (Qualcast Cobra 32)

2 May 2021
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United Kingdom
My electric mower has started working intermittently. Sometimes it turns on ok, but sometimes it either refuses to turn on or cuts out during use. It seems like holding the power cord at a specific angle can help get it to run, but that only works some of the time. The probem is definitely the mower as I've tried plugging it into different sockets with the same results.

I did a bit of googling and people were saying it could be a problem with the on/off switch, so I bought and installed a new one. When I started the mower the first time after this it worked, but the second time it just refused to turn on.

Does anyone know what else the problem could be please? I'd rather not have to buy a whole new mower if there's potentially a quicker, cheaper fix!

If it helps, the mower is a qualcast cobra 32 several years old, and the replacement switch I bought is this one.
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Often, it’s the cable itself that fails.....the inner copper conductors fatigue with movement and cause spasmodic connection.
Usually it’s where the cable enters the handle where the fault is.
It seems like holding the power cord at a specific angle can help get it to run, but that only works some of the time.
Sounds to me like an issue with the cable rather than the mains switch.

I'd try shortening the mains lead where it enters the switch control box by a good 6-12 inches in the hopes that there's a cable break in that section.
As @Rodders53 says. Shorten the cable where it enters the mower switch by about 12". This area is a weak point due to being 'flicked' from one side to the other when you turn around etc. If that doesn't solve it then it's easier to just buy a whole new length of cable and fit it, rather than keep hacking lengths off to find the break.
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you can get an endways break in the copper, the insulation outside will mostly hold it in contact for a while, but the sparking makes it more and more unreliable.
Having dealt with this scenario many times, invariably you'll see or feel a bulge in the insulation where the conductor has severed.
John :)
I have also seen it where it was very difficult to spot, and only found out for certain after removing the offending piece.

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