1. J

    Electric lawnmower sparks and stop after few second. Motor issue

    Not sure this is right place to ask question. I was given from my neighbour a Bosch rotak 36 which has stopped working. Plugged machine and sparks very bad for few second and then I guess thermal goes in and stops working. I cleaned up commutator making looking like new. Replaced brushes with...
  2. D

    Honda Izy running weird

    hi, i have a 3yr old honda izy 16" which has always been reliable. this summer having retrieved from the shed its not been running its best and can't determine the issue. have done a full service of air filter, oil change and new spark plug, as well as cleaned out carb and exhaust ports. easier...
  3. T

    Mountfield Ride-On Mower

    Hello - hopefully someone can help - we have a Mountfield ride-on mower (about 2 years old) which keeps cutting out at high revs. Ticks over fine on low revs, but stick it into high revs, it runs for a little while (30 secs to a minute) and then just cuts out. My partner has cleaned the carb...
  4. R

    Yamaha 342 mower

    Could anyone help me by sending a photo of the linkages to the carburettor from the governor on a Yamaha YLM342 or similar lawnmower please?
  5. Torchy1

    Honda HRG SKEH clutch cable

    Hi all. I’m having a problem refitting the clutch/drive cable back on my Honda IZY HRG mower. This is after I stripped it down to get rid of rust and paint the underside of the deck. I was hoping someone can give me instructions or a diagram of where and how the cable and springs are connected...
  6. G

    Flymo easiglide 300v lawnmower vibration

    Morning. I have the above lawnmower and it’s developed an awful vibration when in use. I did a Google search and thought it might be the blade so replaced it, and whilst performance is a little better, the vibration is still there which is incredibly annoying! Nothing seems obviously loose so...
  7. Kieron anderson

    Atco b14 deluxe lawnmower cable issue

    Hi I have recently purchased an atco b14 deluxe petrol lawnmower, and it works perfectly fine, other than the lever that is meant to stop the blades while it is running, doesn't, will this be just a cable issue, or may it run deeper than that??
  8. A

    Mountfield ride-on lawnmower stalling

    Hi, My ride-on lawn mower keeps stalling this year. It runs for about 15 mins when I start from cold before stalling and then when I restart, it will only run for a few mins before stalling again, with or without blades engaged. So far I have: Put in fresh fuel Replaced the fuel cap Replaced...
  9. cwhaley

    Atco De Luxe B14 mower

    At the weekend I bought an Atco De Luxe B14 cylinder mower. I grew up with Atcos from the 50s and 60s so I'm familiar with the range and use of them but that's it. The one I bought has been looked after. It only cost £20 so I wasn't expecting much but it's had a replacement fuel tap, new fuel...
  10. cwhaley

    Atco Battery Charger

    I was given an Atco Admiral SE Lawnmowe a few years backr. It has a pull cord to start which is fine but also has electric ignition with a key and a battery. I've spent some time servicing and cleaning the machine up and I'd like to be able to use the electronic ignition just because...
  11. T

    Petrol Lawnmower - Honda Izy vs ...?

    Hi all, After years of electric mowers (and a brief ownership of a battery powered Rotak that was under-whelming) I am now looking to get my first petrol lawnmower. Exciting news, I am sure you will agree. The Honda Izy has lots of positive press (I'd probably go for HG416PK based on my...
  12. J

    mountfield lawnmower starts but won't run

    Hi all, I have a Mountfield Mower self propelled 454, the kind where you engage one lever/bar to start the engine, and engage a second to make the wheels turn. The engine starts fine, but the wheels no longer turn when engaging the second lever/bar. any suggestions greatefully received. thanks Josh
  13. eveares

    Brigs & Stratton Lawnmower engine won't stop!

    I have a self propelled petrol mount-field lawnmower that I have had since 2004, and for the first time last week it would not stop when the throttle was let go. I had to push the throttle cable in by hand very hard to just about stop it. At first I thought it stops by friction from the pad...