emptying radiator for new antifreeze

12 Mar 2007
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Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
What is the best way to empty a radiator.
I have a vauxhall Mariva 04.
The anti freeze is a bit manky looking and needs replaced.
What's the best way, remove pipe and drain or as the Internet says open the bleed valve. If it's the bleed valve where is it?. I'm a builder not a mechanic. Any help would be greatful.
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Your radiator may have a drain off tap on one of the bottom corners, but it's unlikely these days.
Normally we remove the filler cap on the expansion bottle, turn the heater control fully to hot and remove the bottom radiator hose.
On refilling, there may be bleed points on the uppermost hoses (usually the heater hoses) or maybe the thermostat housing.
You'll get a fair idea if the liquid you put in equals what drained out, of course.
Refill slowly, and when it's full, run the engine until the thermostat opens, observing the level all the while.
Make sure the heater works.....that's the first to go off if the level is low.
John :)
Thanks. Should I run the engine after I refill, until the fan kicks in, and should I leave the top off the expansion tank to let air out, or is that not necessary.
Again thanks.
Yes, do that......when you refill, give the pipes a squeeze as well. This way you can feel if there's liquid or air in there.
John :)
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I service 3 Vauxhalls, all have a drain valve towards the bottom of the radiator, at the back.

Flush twice by idling then driving round the block to mix water and allowing to cool down each time.

Then fill antifreeze neat to 50% of stated system capacity, then the rest with water.