Energy go round - again?

24 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
..Scottish Power has said it will be putting up gas and electricity prices from next month... Energywatch Scotland spokesman Graeme Kerr said: "Scottish Power customers will find it hard to understand why a company that has just posted record profits needs to raise prices on such a huge scale....

Wholesale gas prices are quoted (somewhere) by the Therm ...

A therm is the energy equivalent of burning 100 cubic feet of natural gas at standard temperature and pressure.
It is equal to 100,000 BTU (British Thermal Units). There are 3,410 BTU in every kWh. by dividing 100,000 by 3,410, we get the number of kWh in a therm. more or less 29.3. If by some magic we get to see the wholesale prices, which we will not.

Something new... from Ofgem.
3 May 2006

- Near real time information about gas supplies into the UK will he available to the whole market
- Change consistent with Ofgem's call for greater market transparency
- Greater access to more timely information will help create a more level playing field for customers, suppliers, traders and producers.
it is not a decision that Ofgem took lightly, recognising that the call for greater offshore transparency was opposed by many gas producers and importers. However customers, many of whom are amongst the largest UK companies, have told us that their experience this winter shows there is still a need for more information on gas supplies to help them understand and respond to gas price movements on the day...
The information will be made available from October 2006.

When will the pips begin to squeak?
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