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EUROSEC CP8L anti-tamper / rewire

Discussion in 'Alarms, CCTV & Telephones' started by jacko555, 4 Feb 2021.

  1. jacko555


    5 Feb 2005
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    United Kingdom
    I have an inherited EUROSEC CP8L.

    Am redecorating and need to relocate /replace some sensors. I'm able to run new alarm cable although curious how to do connect it without setting the alarm off. I do have the installer code and the user code.

    My only experience so far was when we moved in - there was a power cut and the alarm went off. Have since replaced the battery.


    Does the C8PL have any anti tamper alarm on the PIR sensors? Is there a procedure I need to follow to disconnect / relocate a sensor?

    Do I need to power it down first? When there's no mains power, and, the battery is removed, the alarm goes off. I dont have easy access to the bell box...

    Thank you
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  3. The Pars

    The Pars

    17 Feb 2017
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    United Kingdom
    Put the panel in installing mode and this deactivates all tampers.
    Remove the +12v on the panel PCB(this will cover down the PIR's).
    Once you have connected/replaced the sensors put the 12v cables back, put panel lid back on, come out of installer mode and do a walk test.
    Remember to keep the wiring colours the same at each end.
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