Evohome installer wanted in Sussex area?

26 Mar 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all, looking for someone to wire in the relays and hot water kit in sussex. Just outside tunbridge wells! Anyone around the area fancy doing it for me... I Can provide pics of the current install if wanted.

Many thanks


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We charge £94 inc vat per hr, to answer your next question.

Worth mentioning that under hmrc guidelines, if you get an installer to supply and fit, it's 5% VAT.....

So usually not worth buying the bits yourself, as the warranty will not be down to the installer.
thanks for reply Simon, yeah I got a very good deal on the evohome bits...Was a higher hourly rate than I anticipated but looking it seems about the going rate for a heating engineer so fair enough! How many hours we looking at on this approx? If it's a days labour I'll have to put the bits back in the attic until next winter I think :)
Was a higher hourly rate than I anticipated

Love to know what you were anticipating? :LOL:

No idea how long your install will trait as you haven't deemed it necessary to tell us what the system is and what configuration you are looking for. Anything from half a day to a full day probably.
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Well Dan , at least the OP isn't attempting it himself so hats off to him.
no I'm sure it's a very fine amount for a heating engineer. Having worked as a sparky for a few years, I wish I'd got that an hour! Haven't deemed it necessary? If I pay £100 an hour, will you work for the customer without patronizing them? Geez I wish I could speak to potential customers like that I usually have to pretend to be nice.
There's no pretence to be nice, we come and complete a job in a professional manner and ensure the continued working of the system free of charge.

Evohome has a tendency to be a little bit temperamental shall we say but without the back up of the manufacturer. Even when fitted within MI prescribed limits.

Price is for a quality guy with aftercare service. I see no issue with the price. Vat is part of it don't cloud things with that.

Andrew, a picture of a two port and a three port valve just complicates what should be standard fit. Can you speculate how the system is wired so a would be controls installer can speculate what the Labour cost is liable to be
What Is your Evohome list of components to enable your system configuration to work, will you need the installer to assist you with what to get?
Component interconnect for Evohome, while may look simple, often needs careful planning to ensure good signal strength- is you property, in your estimation, going to effect this all important signal strength?

I do not have a problem with customer supplying the gear as long as they know any component issues will need resolving by the supplier (you) as I would only be supplying the Labour. Warranty again would be for fitting the components, so subsequent breakdown and replacement would attract additional charges unless the fitting was incorrect. I have just finished replacing a boiler supplied by the customer. I know if the boiler was to fail, in warranty repair will be carried out by the makers. With any control system, doubt the makers will come out.

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