Excel 2007 (I know....)

30 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
Don't use Excel much but have been having a play with it.
I'm trying to find the box, 'Add Chart Elements', which is supposed to be under the Home tab. Maybe because my version is 2007 and the book I'm learning from is 2022 that things have changed a bit. I'm trying to work with 'axis', which they call 'axes' which doesn't help.
The only way I can find it is if I load a chart, right click on the chart and then click 'Select Data'. This brings up the bar across the top called 'Chart Tools'.
From here I can access various tabs that cover; layout, design, review etc The axes is in the layout tab.
My question is, How can I get this toolbar to stay at the top of my Excel sheet permanently? Once I've used the function to do something, it closes back to the normal toolbar, and the only way to access it again is to load another chart. Which obviously defeats the whole object of working on one single chart.
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To try and clarify what I am trying to do. This top bar/ribbon, (circled), is what I want to keep up in view, even when I go to one of the other tabs.
In later versions of Excel, (apparently), there is a tab below the Home button showing 'Add Chart Element'. Simply by clicking on this you get the tool bar I want.

Chart Toolbar.jpg
To get it in Excel 2007 I have to select 'Insert', then pick a chart and then 'Select Data'. This brings the tool bar up, which opens on the 'Design' tab. By clicking the 'Layout' tab, I can then use the 'Axes' and 'Axis' controls, which is what I need.
Does anyone know how to add it to the standard toolbar please?
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