Extractor fan duct through soffit

22 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Apologies if this is the wong forum for my question.

I recently purchased a Xpelair extractor fan for my bathroom which has 100mm flexible ducting. The duct goes into the loft and the plan was to exctract through the soffit.

The problem I have is the flexible hose is 100mm and the soffit is 120mm. The grill supplied is 150mm so obviously doesn't fit the soffit. Is it possible to get a 120mm grill with 100mm spigot so I can attach the flexible hose ? Or do I have any other options ?

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Cheers for the response noseall, I was hoping to come up with a resolution I could install myself.

Would I be able to take the 100mm flexi hose from the light ot the fan and then from the fan convert to a flat duct just beofre I vent through the soffitt so I have a retangular vent to the outside ?

yes you can convert.

the people who manufacture flat rectangular ducting also make fittings and adaptors that deal with this situation and many more.

i still think it is easier to fit a tile vet terminal. ;)
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Thanks for your responses so far. Do you know of anyone reliable in the Wolverhampton area that would complete this job ?

Which brand of tile vent terminal ?

Roughly how much would you expect to pay to get someone in to complete the job ?

I tried to PM you to ask the questions but as I'm not in your friends list it rejected.

Thanks and apologies for all the questions.
first you need to identify the type of tile you have.

if they are not an interlocking proprietary pan tile then you could use a lead slate or multi-slate in order to transfer the pipe duct through the roof.

Russels, Marley and Redland all supply t.v.t's to complement their tile ranges.

a t.v.t costs around £45.00. it should only take an hour to fix plus messing around with the ladders etc. £100.00 job done?
Thanks again for the reply noseall.

Have no idea what type of tile I have, the house was built in 1951, is there an easy way for a novice to tell ?

Next question could you sugest anyone in the Wolverhampton area ? I had someone do some work on the chimney, replacing a few blown bricks and got them to fit a colt cowl which apparently would help stop rain and the likes coming down the chimney but it appears to have made no difference so I'm a little wary now about who I use.

Thanks again for all your help so far.
Hi. If you decide to go through pitched roof to exhaust extraction air, some thing like this may help.

Good Luck
Sorry for the 'kinda' thread hijack, but I have an extraction system with a tile terminated 'chimney' and have serious problems with condensation.

Take that as a warning if you're planning to exit through the tiles. I've already ruined a £100+ Vortice 150mm inline extraction motor.

It was suggested that the condensation may not be so bad if terminating through the soffit as it is pointing downwards, also the heat loss would be less?

If I do stick with the tile termination, I will fit a condensation trap this time, but whether that will fix the problem remains to be seen.
Hi. Condensation is a complex subject with equally complex designs to combat some installations. Fortunately a large percentage of installations have no problems. A solution i have found on several occasions to do the trick is to extend the over run of the fan. (air holding large amounts of moisture from say a shower extraction system, if left to run will move drier air through the system allowing it to carry moisture within duct out to atmosphere). Good Luck

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