Extractor fan replacement

13 May 2018
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United Kingdom
I need to replace an extractor fan, but I don't know how much of a choice I have when it comes to the replacement.

Currently, I have this model, mounted to the ceiling: https://www.vortice.ltd.uk/shop/residential-ventilation/ariett/ariett/. I don't have access to the roof (5th floor), but I unscrewed the fan, and I can see that the air is pushed to the space between the ceiling and the roof. The roof has a ventilation/exhaust pipe, but there's no ducting connecting to the fan.

The current model I have is centrifugal. Does it mean that the replacement should be also the same type? If so, any recommendations?
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Centrifugal are far better with longer ducts so would be the usual choice.

However it is not acceptable to just have the fan expelling air into the ceiling space, it needs to be ducted to the outside.
it's not very powerful.

You could fit a ducted inline fan that would shift more air. The modern ones with ball-bearing motors are very quiet and can be long lasting.

But you must rectify your bad duct installation. As flameport says, the situation you describe is appalling.

Was the building put up like that? Or did some halfwit subsequently add or change the fan?

Is the room you want to ventilate a bathrom? Do you have showers in there?

When does the fan turn on and off?

Post some photos of the ceiling void and any traces of duct, please.
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Yes, it's the bathroom. There's a timer enabled, so it runs after it's switched off. Which is good, but still insufficient if you're taking a shower. I have to leave the door open after to make sure the condensation drops quicker.

I think it don't have much choice. I can't access the ceiling and roof space without cutting through, therefore I can't install motor there. I guess the fan has to be the same type as the current one just more powerful. But basically an outside box attached to the ceiling in place of the old one.

I'll post photos later on. I hope I was wrong about the ducting. The flat was built like that, and it's 12 years old. It's a larger building, and the developer saved on pretty much everything.
If you need to leave the door open, maybe there isn’t a big enough space for air to get into the room.
Unless you do that, the fan will just be trying to create a vacuum, rather than accelerating the air flow.
Which is good, but still insufficient if you're taking a shower. I have to leave the door open after to make sure the condensation drops quicker.
Nothing wrong with that. It's called ventilation.

You say 'quicker'. How long is not quicker?

Condensation is inevitable and natural. If it evaporates in a short time then there is no problem.
Is it possible that a ducting was attached to the rear and has fell off?
If you take the fan down can you see/feel around inside the hole to see if you can grasp any ducting? This should then be pulled through the hole to attach to your extractor.

Alternatively if you rent the property then it's your landlords problem to rectify.
Turned out that there was ducting, but it fell off at some point in the past. It got reattached during the installation of the new fan installed.

As for the fan, I went for a different centrifugal modal. Didn't really have a choice as the motor had to be inside of the bathroom.

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