Fascia 75mm - where to find?

24 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
I am going to replace the fascia, soffits and guttering of my terraced house. I was checking everything I need to buy and I found myself stuck with the size of the fascia boards.

I measured the existing fascia and they are 75mm... this is from the top near the tiles to the bottom of the fascia, near the soffits..

I can't seem to find any board measuring less than 150mm to buy.

Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? or perhaps measuring the wrong thing/way? :confused:

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It does not exist you will have to cut a 150mm board down, but I am puzzled as to how you can fix a gutter to a 75mm fascia.
Can only agree with Catlad, boards usually start at 150mm but they can be cut down to size, no more difficult than cutting timber though.

The 75mm size is strange, how would it be possible to fit a gutter bracket to the board, without it hanging off the bottom of the fascia board?

You mentioned you are in a terraced house, so the gutter must be installed in a specific place... to join with the neighbours? So it's important that you have enough "height" on the board, otherwise the gutter won't line up with the neighbours...

It's difficult to see without some photos. Feel free to post some. On many houses, the top of the timber fascia board rots away and the tiles sink down, if that has happened then you may need to put a slightly bigger board in, say 80-100mm.

Also don't forget that the Upvc fascia board sits 10mm below the bottom of the soffit board, so if you measure from the bottom of the soffit up to the underside of the tiles, you still need to add on 10mm. I'l upload a photo of one of my jobs:
Thanks catlad and danielroofer, I am no roofer but feel more than capable of doing that job (replace all the stuff). As I am fairly new to this country I found that a bit unusual to have fascia which size is impossible to find a replacement. Furthermore my two neighbours had their fascia replaced... I will go up there and have a look at the size, but I believe their fascia is about the same size as mine... if any bigger I am pretty sure it's not that much.

Although I am comfortable doing the job, I am not that confident cutting the fascia.. could you guys recommend the best tool to do the proper cut?
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get 100mm flat board, the new fascia doesnt need the lip as it doesnt 'stick out'
I have a dewalt circular saw (such as http://ow.ly/tfkCH ) , as long as the board is turned upside down it won't chew up the front side of the fascia.

Guy who works with me is old fashioned, he uses a pencil-line to mark the fascia and then cuts it with a normal handsaw, such as this http://ow.ly/tfkLl harder work but doable.
get 100mm flat board, the new fascia doesnt need the lip as it doesnt 'stick out'

are you suggesting that I should buy a 100mm board and just install without cutting it?

@danielroofer --- thanks for the tips, I've got a handsaw but know my abilities to cut things straight are not great... so if I really have to cut the boards I'll probably invest in a power tool.. thanks again
does it definately have a soffit?

well... the rotten piece of wood where the gutter is fixed to looks like a fascia to me... I'll try and go up the ladder when it's dry to take a couple of pics

anyway, thank you all for the good advice, it's helped me a lot so far
there will probably be bricks sticking out of the wall and the fascia above them, you can rip off the old wood and fix new wood or upvc in its place. the smallest fascia is 150mm but it is really easy to cut down with a straight line drawn on and a normal panel saw. It will probably be brick behind that you will be fixing to, not wood.

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